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World’s First Negative-Interest Mortgage Launched. Huh?

16th August 2019

"A Danish bank has launched a mortgage with a -0.5% interest rate. How's this possible? Could this happen in the UK? We find out..."

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How Will Brexit Affect House Prices And Mortgages? (Updated)

6th August 2019

"We take a look at what’s happened to the housing market since the Brexit vote, including changes in house prices, property transactions, buyer demand, and mortgage rates."

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Shared Ownership Set To Rise, But Is It Right For You?

5th August 2019

"A recent report suggests demand for Shared Ownership will increase significantly. But who does it suit? Who should stay clear? And does it trump Help to Buy?"

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Which Degrees Help Graduates Buy A Home Straight Out Of University?

31st July 2019

"25% of millennials choose a career that will help them quickly buy a home. We reveal the degrees with the highest immediate earnings potential."

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4 Ways We Protect Your Data

18th July 2019

"To get you the right mortgage, we need to understand your personal and financial situation. So we’ll ask you for information like your name, contact details, and income and outgoings. Here's how we keep your information safe."

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Introducing The UK Mortgage Map Of Knowledge 2019

15th July 2019

"We carried out some research to find out how many people read their mortgage agreement to the end. And we were pretty surprised by what we found."

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MPs Champion The Mortgage Switch Guarantee In Westminster

11th July 2019

"So many people have been supporting our campaign that we were invited to bring it to Parliament."

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How Long Should I Fix My Mortgage Deal For?

9th July 2019

"If you’re looking for the best fixed-term mortgage deal, the first thing you need to decide is how long you want to fix your mortgage for. Here are some pointers to help you get it right."

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Could You Protect The Planet While Saving Money On Your Mortgage?

5th July 2019

"The Government has pledged £5 million to help the financial sector develop green mortgages."

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Why Diversity Is At The Heart Of Our Culture

4th July 2019

"We often say at Trussle that the best thing about working here is our people. And it’s no accident that we like each other so much."

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