How To Remortgage With Trussle

26th April 2017

How To Remortgage

Remortgaging might sound daunting, but it’s simply the process of switching from one mortgage to another. We’ve made the process of remortgaging much simpler - what used to be hard work is now quick and straightforward. Most importantly, using Trussle is free - helping you remortgage without the hassle.

You can find out more about remortgaging by reading our article, The Straightforward Guide to Remortgaging.

Take the hassle out of remortgaging

Applying to remortgage with Trussle is simple. We’ve turned what was a needlessly complex process into something simple and streamlined that you can start at any time. Gone are the days of paperwork, long phone calls during work hours, office visits, and expensive fees. Trussle is mobile-friendly and you can manage your application online, so you have the freedom to apply whenever, and wherever it suits you.

A step by step guide to remortgaging

1. Find out if you’re ready to switch We’ll get started by asking you to enter the start date of your current mortgage deal, your initial mortgage term, and the type of mortgage you have. If you’ve completed your fixed term deal, or are on your lender’s SVR, it’s likely you’ll be ready to switch. We’ll tell you if this is the case using our remortgage calculator, then you can begin the application process.


2. Answer a few initial questions The questions we ask focus on your employment, finances, personal details, and address history. When it comes to your property details, we’ll ask a few basic questions, such as how much your home is worth, how many years are left on your mortgage, and the amount you pay back each month.

You can edit your answers as you go. You can also save your progress at any time, so you can come back if you’re short on time.

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3. Receive your remortgage examples We’ll send you a few examples to look over based on the details you’ve provided. Let us know if you want to move forward once you’ve reviewed them.

4. Receive your personalised recommendation You’ll speak to one of our friendly advisers so they can learn more about your preferences. They’ll then be able to give you a personalised mortgage recommendation.

5. Keep track of your progress from your Trussle Timeline When you complete your Trussle Profile, you’ll be able to see your progress from your Trussle Timeline. Access your Timeline anywhere, at any time, to see your answers, keep track of your application, and edit your answers if something changes.

6. Find out if your application has been approved Waiting to hear whether your application has been approved can take between one day to two weeks. This varies from lender to lender, and as each case is different, it’s impossible to give a concrete timeframe. As soon as we hear from the lender, we’ll be in touch by email to share the news!

Things to know about remortgaging with Trussle

You can talk to us over the phone

Cutting out time-consuming and unnecessary face-to-face appointments helps keep your remortgaging experience quick and as simple as possible. Many traditional mortgage brokers insist that customers meet an adviser for a certain period of time (usually a couple of hours), when in reality, there’s no need for you to be there in person.

Your Trussle Profile provides us with the information we need to find you a suitable mortgage, but if you’d like to, we’re happy to speak on the phone to discuss your details once you’ve answered the questions. You receive the personal and professional advice you expect when you speak to a Trussle mortgage adviser - just without the hassle, and in less than half the time.

We’ll need a few details before finding you a suitable mortgage

Make sure you know the date your current mortgage deal started, the type of deal you chose, and the length of your initial fixed term. With these details we’ll be able to work our magic and find the most suitable deals available to you in a flash.

You’ll know the answers to most of the questions off the top of your head, but to speed things up further you may want to have a payslip handy, along with a bank statement or access to your online bank account. Your employment details, salary, property details, and outgoings - like your credit card balance and any loan repayments - are all key bits of information that we’ll need to find the right mortgage for you.

Don’t be put off by a previous bad experience


Trussle mortgage adviser Ryan Tuff says people often put up barriers when it comes to remortgaging: ‘Getting a mortgage the first time round is a long, laboured, and downright miserable process for many. They think of remortgaging as being difficult, tarnished by their previous experience, and don’t want to go through it again. What they often don’t realise is that remortgaging can be really simple, and takes very little effort on their part. It takes just ten minutes to complete your Trussle Profile, followed by a quick phone call with an adviser, and then we look after the rest. You could save yourself a significant amount of money by remortgaging, so it’s really worth looking into.’

Remortgage without the hassle

We know life doesn’t only happen between nine and five. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a burning desire to know anything mortgage related, drop us a message via our online chat and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Your details are safe with us

We understand how important it is to know that your personal information is in safe hands. Your personal information will be treated as confidential by us and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

In addition, we’re approved by the Financial Conduct Authority who are the UK’s independent financial regulatory body. They exist to make sure you’re protected and treated fairly.

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