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Who's affected by the Bank of England's interest rate change?

9th August 2018

"On Thursday 2nd August The Bank of England increased its interest rate to 0.75%. See which lenders have reacted, whether you'll be affected, and why the interest rate isn't everything."

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Creating the perfect home office

28th June 2018

"More people are working from home than ever before, as our career and lifestyle habits continue to change year-by-year. We spoke to four people about how they created their perfect home office."

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Quick tips to keep your home cool during a heatwave

27th June 2018

"The UK’s currently in the grips of a heatwave and many over-heated home owners will be rushing out in their droves to buy electric fans. But what else can you do to keep your home cool in the heat?"

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How to baby-proof your home and keep your little adventurer safe

20th June 2018

"Is your child starting to walk around and explore its new home? Then you’ll need to start thinking about providing a safe environment for your brave little adventurer. Get started with our checklist."

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House prices vs wages: Keeping score from the 1966-2018 World Cup

18th June 2018

"As England kick off their latest World Cup campaign, we take a trip down memory lane - all the way back to 1966 - to see how house prices and wages have performed over the years."

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16 amazing family games to play at home for free

11th June 2018

"Whether you’re looking for rainy day distractions or activities for the garden, we have you covered this summer. We’ve listed 16 games you can play at home for free. And yes, most of them are energy burners. You’re welcome."

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Meet Rebecca: Creating unique ceramic giftware for the home

7th June 2018

"Ceramic designer-maker Rebecca Killen lives and works in the small coastal village of Dundrum, creating products that evoke memories, a sense of nostalgia, and serve as decorative home pieces to be used and treasured for years to come."

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Meet Ben: Turning reclaimed timber into unique home furniture

27th May 2018

"After 15 years working as a product designer for a number of high profile UK and Australian design powerhouses, Ben decided to combine his passion for furniture with sustainability and break away on his own."

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Meet Freddie: Bringing the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone

25th May 2018

"Freddie was more than just a novice when he set up his online business delivering urban jungles to the door. In fact, he couldn’t tell one plant apart from the other. Now he serves over 3,000 customers a month."

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Meet Alice: Bringing the great English countryside into your home

22nd May 2018

"Inspired by her love of the outdoors, Alice Sevier is the brains behind Wingfield Digby, an online boutique offering sophisticated home and fashion accessories."

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