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Onwards and upwards: Trussle raises £14m investment

18th May 2018

"Our CEO and founder reflects on the last two years, and explains what this investment means for our customers."

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From baby boomers to Millennials: how style shaped the home of your generation

15th May 2018

"The last half-century has seen interior design experience many evolutions. We surveyed three generations and asked how their style has been influenced by their own generation and the ones that came before them."

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How the FCA’s Mortgage Sector Report could impact you

11th May 2018

"The Financial Conduct Authority is currently carrying out a big research project called the Mortgages Market Study, and last week published its interim findings. We look at the key issues."

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What’s happening to ‘Support For Mortgage Interest’ (and what to do if you’re affected)

1st May 2018

"In April this year ‘Support For Mortgage Interest’ underwent a significant change, potentially leaving thousands of people short on the money they need to afford their mortgage bill."

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32 ways to reduce stress at work and home

30th April 2018

"With so many of us leading increasingly busy lives, particularly in the workplace, it’s more important than ever that our homes are a place of sanctuary."

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Why an online broker could be the key to a stress-free mortgage

19th April 2018

"Almost half of home owners recall their previous mortgage experience negatively. Can online mortgage brokers deliver a less stressful experience?"

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A chat with mental health expert James Routledge, founder of Sanctus

13th April 2018

"We caught up with James during Stress Awareness Month to talk to him about his life, his work, his motivations – and how our homes can impact our stress levels."

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Should you switch mortgage now to avoid a rate increase?

10th April 2018

"Bank of England governor Mark Carney has been dropping hints for a while that the base rate will need to increase sooner or later, and it’s now looking likely that that will happen on 10th May, exactly one month from now. So is it time to finally switch?"

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Why your home could be stressing you out (and what to do about it)

4th April 2018

"Many of us have experienced stress of some form or another at some stage in our lives. To coincide with Stress Awareness Month, we decided to take a look at some of the causes and potential solutions to stress at home."

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The first Trussle hackathon: what, why... and how did it go?

22nd March 2018

"Product Manager Faris held the first Trussle Hackathon in February. Here’s his story of why he was inspired to run a hackathon, how he went about organising it, and whether we’d do one again."

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