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Meet The Team: Oli

26th June 2017

"Oli joined Trussle in the early days, and has played a key role in transitioning Trussle’s public image from exciting startup to credible industry player."

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Conveyancing Process Explained: What It Is And How To Go About It

23rd June 2017

"Conveyancing is simply the legalities involved with buying or remortgaging your home, and refers to the legal transfer of ownership titles from one party to another."

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Glossary Of Mortgage Terms

22nd June 2017

"With the seemingly endless list of mortgage jargon, it can seem like there’s a lot to take in! We’ve written a complete list of all the mortgage jargon and what it means, so that you can apply for a mortgage with confidence."

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Meet The Team: Dan

19th June 2017

"Dan joins Trussle as our first QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer, making sure everything we produce - in terms of our website and our product - is perfect."

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Team Talk: Naming Our Customer Success Team

16th June 2017

"I’ve had the privilege of working with many different customer teams in a variety of industries throughout my career. While they've shared some common themes, the names of their departments have varied a lot!"

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Can I Get A Mortgage If I'm An Expat?

15th June 2017

"Getting a mortgage if you’re an expat is possible, but like getting a mortgage in the UK, there are a few conditions you need to meet."

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Meet The Team: Dilpreet

13th June 2017

"With a background in journalism, Dilpreet isn’t your average mortgage broker! She joins Trussle with a wealth of experience and we're excited to have her on board."

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Do I Need To Use My Estate Agent's In-House Mortgage Broker?

8th June 2017

"Legally, you’re under no obligation to use the mortgage broker your estate agent recommends when buying a property, even if they try to pressure you into it."

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Leasehold, Freehold, And Commonhold Mortgages Explained

7th June 2017

"Looking at whether a property is freehold, leasehold, or commonhold is important before you decide to buy, as each type of ownership has an impact on the type of mortgage you’ll be eligible for."

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Meet The Team: Nursel

5th June 2017

"We recently welcomed Nursel to the team as our Digital Acquisition Manager, and we're delighted to have her on board."

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