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The Trussle Mortgage Saver Review

31st May 2017

"Welcome to the inaugural Mortgage Saver Review, created to shine a light on the billions of pounds being wasted by homeowners not being on the most suitable mortgage for them."

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How The Mortgage Term Affects The Cost Of Your Mortgage

30th May 2017

"In general, making your mortgage term longer means lowering your monthly repayments, as repayments are spread over a longer period. However, a longer mortgage term means you’ll take more time to pay off your loan, so you’ll pay more interest overall."

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Meet The Team: Miranda

30th May 2017

"Fresh out of uni (and by fresh, we mean starting work a week after finishing!), Miranda joins Trussle as a member of our Customer Success team."

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Which Party Will Solve The Housing Crisis? Comparing The Manifestos

24th May 2017

"It's nearly election time, and we’ve rounded up what each party is offering so you know exactly who’s promising what and how they’re planning on tackling the housing crisis."

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Trussle Stories: The Surveyor

23rd May 2017

"In this story, we hear from John - a Construction Surveyor from Leicestershire. John turned to Trussle when moving closer to town to secure a mortgage for his new family home."

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How Your Deposit Affects Your Mortgage Rate

17th May 2017

"Typically, having a larger deposit relative to the total purchase price gives you access to mortgage deals with lower interest rates. However, there are several other factors that determine the amount of money you can borrow and the rates you’re offered."

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Meet The Team: Prakash

16th May 2017

"Prakash joined Trussle after spending two years working for a traditional mortgage broker. He saw the light and joined Trussle to help change the mortgage industry for the better."

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What Is A Standard Variable Rate?

12th May 2017

"A Standard Variable Rate (SVR) is a mortgage lender’s default interest rate, which you’ll usually be moved onto once your initial mortgage deal has ended."

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Meet The Team: Turon

8th May 2017

"Turon joins Trussle as our newest mortgage adviser, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a love of football."

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Trussle Stories: The NHS Manager

3rd May 2017

"In this Trussle Story, we hear from Ella - an NHS Manager who decided to remortgage whilst on maternity leave."

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