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What to do if your mortgage lender is seeking to repossess your home

21st October 2019

"If you get behind with your mortgage payments, and don’t pay your arrears, your lender might apply to court to repossess your home. If you’re in this position, don't panic. You might be able to stop your home from being repossessed."

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Who looks out for your rights as a mortgage borrower?

18th October 2019

"Taking out a mortgage is a huge financial commitment. We look at the five regulatory bodies who’ve got your back."

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Why mortgage fraud never pays

16th October 2019

"Taking out a mortgage based on a false income can have serious repercussions. The borrower might not be able to afford their mortgage, which could lead to their home being repossessed. They could also be reported to the police and prosecuted."

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Can you rent out your house with a normal residential mortgage?

15th October 2019

"Most residential mortgages don't allow homeowners to rent out their property. So you'll need to check the terms of your mortgage first, or speak with your lender if you're not sure."

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Mortgage in arrears? Your options, explained

14th October 2019

"Lenders normally write to you 15 days after you’ve missed a payment. They’ll typically give you time to repay what you’ve missed, as well as put you in touch with debt advice services."

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Mortgage declined by an underwriter? Here’s what to do

11th October 2019

"When you apply for a mortgage there’s a chance that the lender’s underwriter will turn you down. If an underwriter at a major lender turns down your application, it may be worth applying to a specialist lender next time."

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Should you get a home equity loan?

10th October 2019

"While it could be more cost-effective to remortgage your home if you need some cash, there are some cases when getting a home equity loan could be a more suitable option."

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First-time buyer looking for the best mortgage lender? Why it’s all about the deal

9th October 2019

"If you’re a first-time buyer you might be wondering who the best mortgage lenders are. But if you’re looking for a suitable mortgage, it’s much more important to look for the most suitable deal for your circumstances."

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Mortgages for single parents - what you need to know

8th October 2019

"Whether you’ve just become a single parent having been in a relationship and want to know what’ll happen to your joint mortgage, or you’re a single parent hoping to get a mortgage, we explore your options."

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5 mortgage costs you might not know about

7th October 2019

"If you’re looking for the most competitive mortgage, there’s more to it than choosing the deal with the lowest interest rate. You need to take into account any fees too, as they could cost you a lot in the long run. And some of them might surprise you."

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