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Mortgage in arrears? Your options, explained

14th October 2019

"Lenders normally write to you 15 days after you’ve missed a payment. They’ll typically give you time to repay what you’ve missed, as well as put you in touch with debt advice services."

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Mortgage declined by an underwriter? Here’s what to do

11th October 2019

"When you apply for a mortgage there’s a chance that the lender’s underwriter will turn you down. If an underwriter at a major lender turns down your application, it may be worth applying to a specialist lender next time."

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Should you get a home equity loan?

10th October 2019

"While it could be more cost-effective to remortgage your home if you need some cash, there are some cases when getting a home equity loan could be a more suitable option."

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First-time buyer looking for the best mortgage lender? Why it’s all about the deal

9th October 2019

"If you’re a first-time buyer you might be wondering who the best mortgage lenders are. But if you’re looking for a suitable mortgage, it’s much more important to look for the most suitable deal for your circumstances."

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Mortgages for single parents - what you need to know

8th October 2019

"Whether you’ve just become a single parent having been in a relationship and want to know what’ll happen to your joint mortgage, or you’re a single parent hoping to get a mortgage, we explore your options."

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Is now a good time to build a buy-to-let portfolio?

4th October 2019

"While some property investors have decided to step back, there are plenty more who are sticking to their guns or even expanding their buy-to-let portfolios. "

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Buying a house at auction? Why you should tread carefully

3rd October 2019

"If you’re tempted to buy a house at auction, it’s probably in the hope of picking up a real bargain. But plenty of homes go above the guide price and there are some risks to consider. "

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The real cost of a high loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage

2nd October 2019

"Taking out a high LTV mortgage might seem a good idea if you’ve got a small deposit. But there’s a big downside. High LTV mortgages are more expensive because their interest rates are higher."

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Want to get on the property ladder? Your questions answered

1st October 2019

"Owning your own home is now the number one goal for many people, but it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. We answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about getting on the property ladder to help you achieve your dream."

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How remortgaging your unencumbered home could free up some cash

30th September 2019

"Being mortgage-free can be a wonderful thing. But there may come a time when you could really do with some extra money. The good news is that you could free up some cash by getting a new mortgage on your home."

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