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New job? See how it might affect getting a mortgage

13th September 2019

"Got a new job and wondering about buying your own place or moving? Before you start making plans for the future, it's important to know that getting a new job can affect your mortgage."

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Questions to ask when buying a house in 2019

12th September 2019

"Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make, so it’s really important to ask the right questions before making an offer. Here’s a guide to help you get all the information you need to make a decision."

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Which lenders could help you buy a home with just a 5% deposit

11th September 2019

"Last year, the average deposit for a first-time buyer was 15% of the purchase price. This means first-time buyers have been putting down an average deposit of £32,841. Thankfully some lenders could offer you a mortgage if you’ve only got a 5% deposit."

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Negotiating a house price? How to bag a great deal

10th September 2019

"Now could be the perfect time to negotiate a great house price. In July 2019, the average asking price for a property on the market fell by 0.2% - the first monthly fall we’ve seen this year."

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Rent or buy? How they compare

9th September 2019

"If you’re thinking about getting on to the property ladder, you’re probably wondering whether buying is better for your finances than renting."

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What Tesco’s exit from mortgages means for you

6th September 2019

"Tesco has announced it’s stopped offering new mortgages and is looking at selling its existing mortgage portfolio. Here's what it means for you."

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What Tesco’s Exit From Mortgages Means For You

Save money by porting your mortgage

6th September 2019

"Moving home and want to save thousands of pounds on your mortgage? It might sound like a wild fantasy, but it could be a real option for you."

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Worried about your mortgage being declined? Here's what to do

5th September 2019

"Mortgage approvals are still within the narrow ranges that we’ve been seeing for the past three years. So it’s definitely worth doing all you can to improve your chances of your mortgage being approved."

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How to find the best five-year fixed-rate mortgage for you

4th September 2019

"Given the uncertainties around Brexit - particularly how it’ll affect the housing market - getting a five-year fixed-rate mortgage could seem a good idea. We reveal the smart way to find the right deal for you."

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How to move out of your parents’ home without the stress

3rd September 2019

"It's natural to feel a little nervous during the excitement of moving out. Read our checklist so you can set out on your new adventure with confidence."

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