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Who’s who on your mortgage journey

7th June 2019

"Just found your dream home? If you’re a first-time buyer there are five key players you need to know who could help you get your hands on the keys."

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How to survive if you’re one of 58% of young adults still living with your parents

4th June 2019

"The majority of 18 to 34-year-olds still live at home with their parents. But is it really that bad? We find out."

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Is housing finally emerging from the shadow of Brexit?

31st May 2019

"As we’ve tracked the impact of Brexit, we’ve seen house price growth slow and fall, and mortgage rates steadily increase. But are things set to change?"

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Trussle brings the Mortgage Switch Guarantee to parliament

30th May 2019

"We’ve submitted evidence to a Parliamentary enquiry making the case for greater mortgage transparency. Read it here."

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Mortgage Saver Review - May 2019

15th May 2019

"This year's annual Mortgage Saver Review looks at the challenges faced by one of the largest groups of people in the UK: the self-employed."

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Mortgage Saver Review May 2019 - Trussle

Marching for fairer mortgages

10th May 2019

"We announced in our manifesto that we’re fighting for fairer mortgages. And on Wednesday 17th April we marched for it too."

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What we stand for

15th April 2019

"Owning your home should mean stability and freedom. But getting a mortgage brings anxiety, stress, and unequal treatment. You deserve better. We’re fighting for fairer mortgages."

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Why we’re fighting for fairer mortgages

15th April 2019

"The first time our founder Ishaan tried to get a mortgage, he was left frustrated and confused. So he founded Trussle to take on the industry, and make it work for the homeowner."

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Ishaan Malhi, CEO and Founder of Trussle

How we’re fighting for fairer mortgages, and how you can join us

5th April 2019

"We invited customers to Trussle HQ to talk about the ways the mortgage industry is broken, where there’s room for innovation, and how borrowers will benefit from a Mortgage Switch Guarantee."

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Ishaan Malhi presents at An Evening With Trussle

5 simple ways to prepare for your next mortgage

21st March 2019

"Spring is a great time to take hold of your finances. So whether you’re looking to buy or remortgage, we’ve listed five simple ways to prepare for your next mortgage."

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Five Simple Ways To Prepare For Your Next Mortgage