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15% ‘salary bonus’ for savvy home owners who avoid mortgage SVR

13th March 2019

"Millions of home owners across the UK could be sitting on a cash bonus equivalent to a 15% salary increase. We look at why, and importantly how they can get it."

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Home ownership for business owners and the self-employed

14th February 2019

"We invited a small group of self employed and small business owners to our London HQ to discuss their experiences and perceptions of getting a mortgage."

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What to expect from Trussle in 2019

10th January 2019

"We asked some of the Trussle team to share what they were most excited about this year, as we continue towards our goal of making home ownership more affordable and accessible to everyone."

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The most affordable (and expensive) London commuter towns 2019

7th January 2019

"With so many people choosing to commute in to the city, we wanted to know just how they’d be affected by increasing rail fares, house prices, and mortgage payments in their area."

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Uncovering the true cost of home ownership

5th December 2018

"How far would you go to get a foot on the housing ladder? We look at the major life decisions many are making in order to one day afford a home."

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Stress Awareness Week: How do we stop mortgage meltdowns?

5th November 2018

"It’s International Stress Awareness Week, marking a global effort to highlight the causes and effects of stress in everyday life. In preparation, we interviewed 2,000 mortgage borrowers from across the UK to find out about the role stress might play in ..."

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The autumn budget: What does it mean for home ownership?

2nd November 2018

"Every Autumn, the Government sets out their budget for the coming year. This year’s Budget builds on last year’s commitments to build more homes and assist first-time buyers. We look into what this really means for home ownership in the UK."

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Millennials forced to delay relationships, marriage, and kids to get on the property ladder

26th October 2018

"Millennials, aged 18-34, are having to make sacrifices unheard of in previous generations to get onto the property ladder, according to our latest study."

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We invited industry leaders to discuss housing with the housing minister

1st October 2018

"This weekend we invited the UK’s most influential housing figures to discuss some of the biggest challenges affecting home ownership in the UK. Here's what happened..."

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Ishaan Malhi And Kit Malthouse Talk Housing

The SVR trap: Home owners stung with £2,500 a year in extra interest charges for failing to switch

12th September 2018

"Our study of 16 UK mortgage lenders shows that home owners are being charged £222 extra a month for lapsing onto a lender’s Standard Variable Rate."

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