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90+ lendersOver 11,000 mortgage deals.

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To buy a home, you’ll need to borrow money from a mortgage lender. It used to be the case that you’d have to go to a building society to get a mortgage, but these days most banks offer mortgage products for home owners.

In fact, there are more than 90 mortgage lenders on the market, who together offer over 11,000 deals.

You might hear mention of ‘major lenders’ and ‘specialist lenders’.

Major lenders include what’s commonly referred to as ‘The Big Six’ - that’s Lloyds (including Halifax), Nationwide, Santander, RBS, Barclays, and HSBC - because these six lenders collectively account for the majority of all mortgage lending in the UK.1

Specialist lenders, such as Kensington and Aldermore, offer mortgage deals suitable for those who are self-employed or with poor credit histories.

Online lenders, such as Digital Mortgages, are newer entrants to the market. They typically provide residential mortgages, but offer a purely digital experience rather than using call centers or branches.

Choosing the right lender for your needs

As we’ve seen, many lenders provide loans to help you buy a residential home, while some cater for those looking to purchase a buy-to-let property. Others cater for first-time buyers, and those with other more specific needs. Some cater exclusively to those with poor credit history, for example.

We’ve also seen that thousands of mortgage deals are offered between them. This is to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of today’s home owners, which vary more than ever before; working later in life, having more flexible jobs, or receiving financial assistance from family - to give just a few examples.

While there are many types of lender, choosing the right one needn’t be complicated. A mortgage broker like Trussle will always make sure they recommend a suitable deal from the right lender for your needs.

Common questions about mortgage lenders

This information was last updated on 16th July 2018

Which mortgage lender lends the most?

Each lender will assess your circumstances against their own criteria, meaning the answer will be different for everyone. The important thing to remember is that that you should be looking for the most suitable mortgage deal offered by a wide range of lenders on the market. A mortgage broker like Trussle can help you with this.

What documents do mortgage lenders typically need?

Lenders will typically ask for three months worth of bank statements and payslips, a photo ID, and an address ID. Depending on your credit score, they may also ask for a copy of your credit history.

Will a mortgage lender help me with a bad credit score?

A number of mortgage lenders specialise in lending to those who may not have the best credit history. Speaking with a mortgage broker will help you find the most suitable specialist lender for your circumstances.