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Trussle: A London mortgage broker

Trussle is not only the UK’s No. 1 free online mortgage broker, we’re also the top rated mortgage broker in London, making happy homeowners from right here in the heart of the city.

From our office near Old Street station we’re just a stone’s throw from London’s technology and financial hubs, which helps us maintain relationships with the lenders, lawyers, and tech firms that will speed your mortgage along.


Our London home

Since starting up in 2015, Trussle has moved home a few times. 

Our current hub is an original Victorian warehouse. But despite being an original Victorian build, our office is far from archaic. 

We work in an open plan space that’s both bright and modern, much like our approach to mortgages. 

Making our work environment a home for our team is just as important to us as our mission to help home buyers and make mortgages fairer 

If it’s quiet we’re after, we can head into our chilled out quiet room to work. And when we’re feeling social, we gather at the kitchen table for chatty lunches or Friday evening drinks.

Welcome to our London office...

The quiet room

An oasis of calm for when we need to get away and focus.

The meeting rooms

Meetings are less dreary thanks to our bright and stylish meeting rooms.

The cinema area

We gather here for our weekly and monthly recaps.

Where to find us

Find us at Craftwork Studios in East London, just a stone’s throw away from bustling Old Street and the City of London. 

Our address: 1-3 Dufferin St, London EC1Y 8NA

How to get in touch

We have lots of guides and calculators dedicated to answering all your mortgage related questions, but if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, here’s how you can contact us:

Feel free to call us on 020 3884 1660, or chat with us online.

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We're busy at work at 1-3 Dufferin St, London EC1Y 8NA.

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How we can help you buy a home in London

As a London broker we’re ideally located and in the know when it comes to what the London market is like and how you can go about buying a property in the most coveted city in the UK.

London is the most expensive area in the UK to buy property in. As such, owning a home here can seem daunting or unattainable, so it can be useful to speak to a broker with on the ground knowledge.

How to buy a house in London

These are the 3 most important points to think about when buying a home in London.

To learn more, read our full guide on how to buy a house.

You'll want to start by learning what the market is like and which areas you might want to move to.

Knowing what to expect in terms of prices around London is a good place to start when looking to buy. 

What kind of home are you looking for? Are you looking for a leafy part of London with more outdoor space? Do you want to be near shopping areas or nightlife?

You need to know what you can afford before exploring your options to buy. 

By using an affordability calculator you can get a quick estimate of what you could borrow. But use a broker to get a more specific estimate once you’re serious about buying.

Considering London’s steep housing prices, you may want a financial boost. This is where home buyer schemes come in. 

There are a few to choose from, like Help to Buy, Rent to Buy and Shared Ownership. Keep reading to find out more about these schemes.

London house prices

The average property in London comes in at around £484,000¹, as of December 2019. That’s almost double the average property price in the UK.

Property prices will differ depending on what type they are. For example, a terraced house in London will, on average, cost less than a semi detached or detached property. 

Flats and maisonettes are generally the most affordable property type. 

Here’s a rundown of average property prices in December 2019:

  • All property types: £483,922

  • Detached house: £928,547

  • Semi detached house: £590,170

  • Terraced house: £503,795

  • Flat/maisonette: £423,844

Learn more about UK house prices.

London's help to buy schemes

Using the London Help to Buy equity loan the government could lend you as much as 40% of the price of a new build property up to the maximum value of £600,000. 

You’ll still need to provide a deposit of at least 5%.

With the 40% loan from the government added to your 5% deposit, you’ll therefore only need to take out a 55% mortgage with a lender.

The government loan is interest free for 5 years and after this you’ll pay an interest rate of 1.75%. This will increase each year based on Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 1%.

Discover more in our Help to Buy guide.

Shared Ownership could make buying a home more manageable, especially in London where property can be less affordable. 

With Shared Ownership you can purchase a share of the property you want and then pay rent for the remaining portion.

You can buy between 25% and 75% of the property and decide later on whether you want to buy a bigger share.

To find out more check out our Shared Ownership guide.

With Rent to Buy you can rent a new build property for up to 5 years at around 20% below the market price.

While living there you have the option to make an offer on the entire property or on a part of it by making use of Shared Ownership.

This scheme can be a good way to save on rent while saving to buy in the big city.

Read more in our Rent to Buy guide.

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¹ Land Registry: House price statistics