The numbers behind our marketing claims

As you navigate our website, you’ll spot a number of claims about why we think you might want to use our service.

We make sure to only make a claim if we can back it up with evidence.

This is partly because we don’t want to mislead anyone. But it’s also because it’s important that you feel you can trust us.

After all, we’re in the privileged position of potentially managing your largest financial commitment.

So for clarity and transparency, we’ve listed our marketing claims below, along with the evidence to back them up.

1. We’ve saved customers £2m in broker fees since launching in 2015

All mortgage brokers receive a commission from the mortgage lender upon submitting a successful mortgage application. We rely solely on this fee to earn money, but many mortgage brokers charge their customers a fee on top of this.

According to Money Advice Service (an organisation set up by the UK Government to improve people’s financial capabilities), the average fee charged by mortgage brokers in the UK is £500.

Because we don’t charge a broker fee, we estimate we’ve collectively saved our customers at least £2m compared to if they used a typical mortgage broker.

Source: Money Advice Service: Mortgage Fees
Accurate as of: 19th August 2019

2. Remortgage customers save £344 a month on average using Trussle

There are many reasons you might want to remortgage. For many, it’s to avoid lapsing onto their lender’s high-interest Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and reduce their monthly payments.

Because we know the amount each lender charges when a borrower lapses onto their SVR, we can calculate the difference between this and the lower monthly payments on the new deal we switch our customers to.

We asked our data team to find out how much we were able to save our remortgage customers, on average, during the 18 months up to July 2019. The answer? £344 a month.

Source: Trussle data
Accurate as of: 30th July 2019

3. No trees have been turned into paperwork, thanks to customers using our online service

Traditional mortgage brokers often require you to complete lots of paperwork and provide printed documents in order to submit a mortgage application.

But by using Trussle - an online mortgage broker - you won’t have to fill out or print any paperwork whatsoever. So those trees can live to breathe another day.

For full transparency, there are very few circumstances where we may need to ask for paperwork on behalf of the lender. But these cases are so rare that we think it’s fair to say that this claim applies to practically everyone who uses our service.

Accurate as of: 19th August 2019

4. We have access to exclusive mortgage deals you can’t get directly from lenders

When a mortgage broker becomes large enough, they can negotiate exclusive deals directly with lenders. These can only be attained by going through the broker, rather than going directly to the lender.

Because Trussle is a member of the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) broker network, our collective bargaining power grants us access to these deals.

That gives you more choice, and a better chance of securing a competitive deal.

Accurate as of: 19th August 2019

5. 92% of customers rated their Trussle experience 5/5 on Trustpilot

We’ll always put your interests first, and we’re pleased to say our customer reviews are a testament to that.

More than 2,000 customers have reviewed their Trussle experience on the impartial review site Trustpilot.

Here’s how the results break down:

  • 92% rated us 5/5
  • 5% rated us 4/5
  • 1% rated us 3/5
  • 0% rated us 2/5
  • 2% rated us 1/5

We strive for everyone to have an excellent experience. So be assured, the small number of low ratings keep us busy working hard to improve our service further.

Source: Trustpilot: Trussle reviews
Accurate as of: 5th September 2019

6. We’re the UK’s best-rated online mortgage broker

Yup. According to Trustpilot, you won’t find a better online experience elsewhere.

Here’s a list of online brokers with over 100 Trustpilot reviews that we know of, next to their overall Trustpilot ‘TrustScore’:

  • 4.9 - Trussle
  • 4.8 - Habito
  • 4.7 - Mojo
  • 4.5 - Mortgage Gym
  • 4.3 - London & Country

Source: Trustpilot
Accurate as of: 5th September 2019