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Living in Liverpool

Liverpool is globally recognised as the birthplace of musical supergroup The Beatles, in addition to countless subsequent musical legends. With several UNESCO world heritage sites and a range of well-regarded restaurants serving up world cuisines, Liverpool remains an excellent place to live and work in.

Local high-street broker or Online Mortgage Broker?

Local high-street mortgage brokers

Traditional high-street mortgage brokers can help those looking to buy or remortgage a home. However, you’ll likely need to take time out of your schedule to arrange an in-branch meeting or provide all your details on the phone. They’ll typically only be available to visit during traditional working hours, and some high-street brokers will charge fees of up to £500 for using their service.

Online mortgage brokers

Online mortgage brokers aren’t based locally, but are quickly becoming a popular choice for people looking to buy or remortgage in large cities and small towns across the UK. You can use their service wherever you are and at any time of day, and you won’t have any paperwork or long phone calls to worry about. As of August 2018, no online mortgage brokers charge a fee for using their service.

While some people were initially worried that the quality of service would fall without a face-to-face adviser, this has proved not to be the case. That’s why online brokers have some of the highest quality ratings on Trustpilot, from thousands of customers.

Benefits of applying with online mortgage broker Trussle

  • Apply at a time that suits you, at home or on the go
  • Speak with qualified mortgage advisers via live-chat, email, or phone
  • Receive a recommendation selected from over 12,000 deals by 90 lenders
  • Track each stage of your application from your Trussle timeline
  • Use our mortgage monitoring service to receive an alert when it’s time to switch
  • No broker or hidden fees
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Local mortgage brokers serving Liverpool

We’ve collated a list of local brokers to help you find the right broker to suit you, whatever your circumstances. They’ll give you advice whether you’re:

If you’re looking to:

Or if you:

LTC Mortgages

Phone: 07595 179 979
11-13 West Derby Village, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 5HJ, UK

FCA number: 408285

Melius Finance

Phone: 0151 2366 985
Fraser House, Rumford Court, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 9BY, UK

FCA number: 808585

Spectrum Independent Financial Services

Phone: 0151 3828 780
B1 Business Centre, 25 Goodlass Road, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 9HJ, UK

FCA number: 230080

JCD Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 0800 0449 857
246 Stanley Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 3ER, UK

FCA number: 769038

Mortgage Xperts

Phone: 0800 8620 868
33 Orrell Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 8BU, UK

FCA number: 726136

Mortgage Solutions Merseyside

Phone: 0151 4287 237
107 Grange Lane, Gateacre, Liverpool, Merseyside, L25 5JZ, UK

FCA number: 462217


Phone: 01625 750 030
28C London Rd, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7DZ, UK

FCA number: 733680

AL Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 0151 3293 313
54 Sandy Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 0BT, UK

FCA number: 305008

ALT Financial Solutions

Phone: 0151 5581 677
Old St Lawrence School, Westminster Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 3TQ, UK

FCA number: 408285

J&M Green Mortgage Services

Phone: 0151 2300 909
13 Allerton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L18 1LG, UK

FCA number: 594179

JP Financial

Phone: 0151 5484 448
North Mersey Business Centre, Woodward Road, Knowsley, Merseyside, L33 7UY, UK

FCA number: 484242


Phone: 0151 4382 295
10 Consort Court, Hull, HU9 1PU, UK

FCA number: 627742

Mortgage brokers local to Liverpool also cover these areas:

  • Bebington
  • Birkenhead
  • Bootle
  • Crosby
  • Everton
  • Fairfield
  • Garston
  • Halewood
  • Kirkby
  • Knowsley
  • Litherland
  • Speke
  • Tarbock Green
  • Wallasey
  • Wavertree