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If you’re looking for help climbing on and up the housing ladder, you’ve come to the right place.

Our checklists will guide you through:

Our property purchase checklists for buying a home are rich resources designed to guide you through the whole process, from saving up to moving in.

We offer guidance on a wide range of topics, including budgeting, finding a suitable mortgage lender, sourcing the correct documentation for the application, and removal tips for when you get the keys to your new home.

Saving for a house

Saving for a mortgage deposit is the first step towards getting a mortgage and moving home, but for many of us it’s no mean feat.

This checklist provides information on the many government schemes available to savers, including first-time buyers.

It will help you to work out how much you need to save each month and what you can do to reduce costs.

The house buying process

You’ve saved for a deposit, worked out how much you can borrow, and you’re ready to start the ball rolling. With so much to do, where do you start?

Our checklist for buying a home will help you to prioritise tasks as we guide you through each step; from using a broker to finding a suitable mortgage and exchanging the contracts before moving in.

The mortgage application process

There are many stages to the mortgage application process. Our mortgage application checklist will guide you through what to expect from each stage and help you to understand key terms like ‘agreement in principle’ and ‘LTV’.

You’ll also find information on the documentation you’ll need and how to best prepare your mortgage application.

Help for first-time buyers

This checklist is for those taking their first step onto the property ladder.

As a first-time buyer, you’ll discover information on the different government schemes available today, including Help to Buy, Right to Buy, and Shared Ownership.

You’ll also find information on budgeting, how to find the right mortgage for your needs, and the other costs you’ll need to prepare for.

Buying a second home

Whether you're planning on buying a house for a family member or a holiday home in the country, our checklist for buying a second property will take you through everything you need to know to make the right decision.

You’ll find useful information on tax implications, stamp duty, home equity, and more.

Moving house

You’ve exchanged contracts and got the keys - but don’t forget you still need to pack!

Jokes aside, our moving house checklist will ensure you have every important detail covered; from confirming the date of your move with everyone concerned, paying your solicitor fees, to getting quotes for removals.

Investing in a buy-to-let property

A buy-to-let property is very different from owning your own home. When you become a landlord you’re effectively running a small business.

Being a residential landlord can be incredibly rewarding, but before you make an investment read our buy-to-let checklist to ensure you’re prepared and have everything covered.