4 ways we protect your data


To get you the right mortgage, we need to understand your personal and financial situation. So we’ll ask you for information like your name, your contact details, and your income and outgoings.

To keep all of this information secure, we have a number of processes in place. Here’s how we do it, courtesy of our Head of Infrastructure, Vik Bhatti.

1. We encrypt your information

If anyone ever tried to access your personal data without authorisation, they'd find it extremely difficult.

That's because we encrypt all the information you share with us - from your email address to your salary.

And we do it the second you send it to us.

Encryption allows us to store your data in a form that's unreadable by anyone without a secret decryption key.

It's how banks store your data too.

2. Only certain Trusslers access your information

As you've seen, we have processes to prevent anyone outside Trussle accessing your data.

But we also take steps to make sure that only the people directly dealing with your mortgage at Trussle can access your details.

So the information you share with us is only accessible to specific teams such as advisers and compliance.

3. Our trusted third parties keep your data safe

To get you the right mortgage, we share some of your data with lenders and other companies.

You can find more about this in our Privacy Policy. But the important thing to know is that we make sure anyone we share your data with has security clearance and they store your data securely too.

We only allow our third parties to use your personal data for specific purposes and according to our instructions. They can’t use it for their own purposes.

4. We’re always improving our security

To make sure your data continues to stay safe, we're constantly working to strengthen our security further.

Recently we’ve been reviewing some security software that aims to proactively protect us if there’s a potential security breach.

We regularly review other software to make sure laptops are constantly secure and up to date with the latest security patches.

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