Announcing Trussle's Long Term Partnership With Zoopla


Finding & buying your dream home just got better

We’re thrilled to announce that property-search giant Zoopla has invested in Trussle, and has agreed an exclusive partnership with us to help make finding and buying a home easier than ever.

A partnership that makes sense

In many ways Trussle and Zoopla make for a natural partnership; Zoopla’s innovative culture, friendly brand, and customer-first approach to building their service reflects our own approach here at Trussle.

And while Zoopla is well-known for having done an incredible job of simplifying the home-finding process, this partnership will allow us to help complete the next step of that journey for homebuyers — finding a great-value mortgage to go with their dream home.

Zoopla’s Founder & CEO, Alex Chesterman says:

“If you have ever filled in a mortgage application form, you will know it can be quite a painful, paper-heavy process. We are delighted to team up with Trussle — the first ever online mortgage advisor — to help make finding and buying a home easier than ever.”

Nowhere else can you search through such a range of properties and find the perfect mortgage to go with it with so little aggravation. This is a real game-changer.

To the future

Trussle was born out of a simple but widely-experienced frustration; why is it such a pain to buy a home? This partnership goes a long way in making that question redundant. Now, not only will you be able to find a great home using Zoopla, but you can also find a great-value mortgage to go with it using Trussle.

Trussle is the new hassle-free way to get a mortgage. We help first-time buyers and existing homeowners save time and money securing a great-value mortgage online. We then continue to monitor your mortgage and help you switch to a better deal later on, so you’re never paying more than you should.

Check out and see what you could save on your mortgage.

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