Dear Dexter

Our Response to a Customer Review

Here at Trussle, our team works really hard to save our customers more money over the lifetime of their mortgage than anywhere else — in fact, we think we could save them £4,000 per year on average. So it’s a great feeling when our customers tell us that we did a good job. But sometimes they tell us where we could do better, and that’s really where we focus most of our attention.

We read a comprehensive Trustpilot review from Dexter, a customer that recently secured a great-value mortgage with us. We wanted to respond to some of his comments publicly so that everyone can see the reasoning behind the way we work. We’ve paraphrased some of his comments below for brevity but you can read the full review here.

“Right from the beginning, using Trussle was a different and interesting experience. Their conversational speaking style was far less tedious than the industry-standard.”

This was music to our ears; we are different from the rest of the mortgage industry, and we’re proud of it. Unlike many of our peers, we speak like humans — because, last time we checked, our customers are humans too. So no technical jargon, no abbreviations; just plain old English.

“Providing my details to Trussle was a much more intuitive, quick, and easy process than I experienced elsewhere.”

Securing a mortgage can be a long and arduous experience, especially when most of the industry still expects you to fill in reams of paperwork. Nobody likes paperwork. Nor taking time out of their day to give their personal details over the phone, so it seemed a no-brainer to collect only what we absolutely need via a really simple online form.

“Trussle provides an online chat interface so you don’t need to spend time picking emails out of your busy inbox. You can ask a simple question and get a simple answer back really quickly. It also means they don’t need to call you at all hours of the day like most advisers. All in all we had a mortgage selected with Trussle before we got past providing our details with the other more traditional advisers.”

We’ll always keep conversations straightforward and to the point, so you’ll never need to spend more time talking about your mortgage than is really necessary.

“Because banks would rather you went to them directly, they offer special rates that you can’t get through an adviser like Trussle. Perhaps in the future Trussle could allow people to use their platform and just skip the mortgage selection step if you find your own.”

It’s a valid point and it’s true that we can’t access the bank’s so-called direct rates, sorry Dexter. But it’s worth mentioning — and he does mention this in his full review — that there are often hoops to jump through to get those direct rates, like living in a certain area or having worked in your current job for a minimum time period. Interestingly, we’re working on this… stay tuned.

“I did find a cheaper direct rate with First Direct and started the process but it was such a pain, with obstacles and confusion at every turn and long phone conversations leading into the night. I eventually gave up in favour of Trussle and do not regret that decision at all.”

There we have it. Dexter found a cheaper deal elsewhere, but he still chose Trussle. While you’d expect this to make us happy, it also made us a little frustrated; how can the rest of the mortgage industry be so far behind that someone would choose to reject the cheapest offer? This is something we want to see improved throughout the industry, and we aim to lead by example.

“Trussle was excellent in guiding me through the process of finding a mortgage, but I needed a solicitor to secure it. I had to send them half of the same information I’d provided to Trussle in the first place. This is no different whether you use Trussle or not, and having the history to refer back to made it quick. But the solicitors communicated via email and phone rather than through the Trussle portal and I found myself saddened that I couldn’t just do it all through there. It meant I had to go back to sifting through email chains and sending the odd physical copy which was exactly what Trussle had initially helped me to avoid.”

Great point, Dexter. Leave it to us to speak to a few solicitors and find a way to bring them in on the action, securely and with our customers’ permission. Again…stay tuned, we’re on it.

“I will most definitely be going right back to Trussle the next time I need a mortgage or indeed just to save on my current one. But by then hopefully I’ll never need to leave their platform at all.”

Dexter, you’re too kind. It’s feedback like this that motivates us to keep improving. We can’t wait to see you again.

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