Meet The Team: Alice

Alice joins Trussle as our Data Analytics Lead after a few months travelling the world. She’s in charge of making sure we’re making the best use of the data we receive so we can better understand our customers and their preferences - so it’s a big job!


What attracted you to join Trussle?

I had a number of criteria to meet when I was looking for a job, and Trussle ticked all my boxes. Although I haven’t had any previous experience working in mortgages, I liked the vision of Trussle and what the company was set up to achieve. Trussle’s using tech for a good cause: helping people get a mortgage and allowing them to live their lives rather than wasting time with admin. I thought the team was cool too!

How did you get into the role you’re in?

I didn’t do a maths based degree - I did European Studies at Trinity College in Dublin, but I did a programing course after uni at General Assembly. I then went on to join a tech venture capital firm where I worked in a team building a live sports streaming app. Part of the role was data analytics which I really enjoyed, and as I wanted to specialise, I decided to go into it full time.

What were you doing before joining Trussle?

I was travelling for four months and had the best time.

Favourite place you travelled to and why?

I really liked India. I loved the lifestyle of getting up at 6am and going surfing, then coming back to have a big breakfast with everyone, doing some yoga in the afternoon, meeting some great people and just generally enjoying life.

Tell us a memorable experience from your travels…

In Patagonia, it was weird being that far away from any other civilisation. It was so remote and the wildlife was incredible. So many flamingoes, which was amazing as they’re my favourite animals. The landscapes were incredible too - I remember the rainbows being the most vivid I’ve ever seen - these huge, really clear arcs. The weather’s very extreme and it changes quickly, and as we were there in low season there were hardly any people there.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

It requires a lot of different people working together. As a Data Analyst, you need to get data from a number of different sources which means a few people being involved and often there’s limited resource to go around. I haven’t found that so far at Trussle - I’ve been working with lots of different teams to make sure we do everything in the most efficient way with no blockers.

What does your typical day at work look like?

I work on a number of projects. Right now I’m setting up reporting for different areas of the business while working on a lead classification system to make sure customers are allocated to the right people. I also deal with ad hoc requests - things like marketing attribution costs. We have a lot of data and I’m trying to work out the best way to use it.

How do you spend your spare time?

I like cooking and being outside - hiking and cycling. Then hanging out with friends, yoga, and reading - my favourite books are the Neapolitan series by Elena Ferrante.

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