Meet The Team: Ashleigh & Lydia

We’ve been growing quickly here at Trussle, and this week we welcomed two new faces to the team. Meet Ashleigh and Lydia, our new Mortgage Adviser and Copywriter respectively…


Ashleigh (to the left)

Role at Trussle: Mortgage Adviser

Originally from Mount Maunganui in New Zealand, Asha has only been in the UK two months and has just about acclimatised. Before making the move, Asha was working as a mortgage adviser in Perth but decided to bite the bullet and enjoy the great British lifestyle for a while.

How are you finding life in the UK so far?

Living in Perth, the beach was only a few minutes from work and I swam every morning before heading to the office. Obviously the lifestyle’s very different here but so far I’m enjoying it - there’s such a buzz in London. The only thing I’m not keen on is the distance to a beach - the Thames doesn’t quite cut it. I travelled around Europe last summer and left wanting to see more, so one big advantage of living here is being able to travel to so many different places so easily and cheaply.

How does mortgage broking in the UK compare to Australia?

I’ve picked up on a few differences after a week on the job, but I’m sure I’ll come across lots more. The mortgage industry is so heavily regulated in Australia so buyers have to meet very strict criteria, whereas I’ve noticed it seems a little more relaxed over here. The fees for using a mortgage broker are much higher in Australia, too, which I’m sure will come as good news to UK homeowners.

Which app couldn’t you live without?

Citymapper - it’s a lifesaver every day.

Do you have any pets?

I have a Great Dane back home called Kobe. He’s the man.

Where’s next on the travel list?

I’m heading to Portugal next month and I can’t wait. I’ve heard so many great things so I’m hoping it lives up to expectations. The beaches look incredible so I’m sure I’ll be happy.

One tip for anyone travelling to Perth:

Bring sunscreen! You might not think you’re burning, but you’ll only make that mistake once - being burnt by the Aussie sun is not fun.

Lydia (to the right)

Role at Trussle: Copywriter

Lydia moved to London a couple of years ago, and was working at another property company before joining Trussle. Originally from Lancashire, Lydia loves going up north to enjoy some proper fresh air and northern humour, but makes the most of the opportunities to eat, drink, and socialise in the best city in the world (apparently).

Describe yourself in a nutshell:

Fast walker, mountain lover, list-maker, avid reader, occasional runner, part time health enthusiast (I have a penchant for pastry).

What attracted you to work for Trussle?

I was keen to get involved with Fintech - it’s such an exciting space that’s growing so quickly, and as I have experience working in property, I thought Trussle would be an ideal mix of the two. I heard back from the team after my interview via a Spotify playlist called ‘You Got It’ - with a handcrafted selection of songs telling me the role was mine. Definitely the coolest way I’ve ever been offered a job.

What does a Copywriter do?

I sit in the Marketing team, and write content for the blog, website, and newsletters. We’re getting our Instagram off the ground too, which I’ll be looking after - follow us if you want to see some behind the scenes startup life.

What’s your favourite film?


Favourite sport?

Does skiing count? I did a season a few years ago but it got cut short as I was airlifted off the mountain twice in a month. I’m pretty slow on the slopes now but I like the apres part.

Favourite podcast?

Woman’s Hour. I’m not normally a Radio 4 kind of person but they cover so much relevant stuff. Oh and I loved My Dad Wrote A Porno when it was on.

Best book you’ve read recently?

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler.

Inspired by Ashleigh and Lydia’s story? We’re hiring! Take a look at our vacancies - we’d love to hear from you.

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