Meet The Team: Giacomo & Stephanie

This week, we welcomed two new faces to the team - Giacomo and Stephanie. Both have joined Trussle as Case Managers, and we asked them a few questions to get to know them better…



Role at Trussle: Case Manager

Giacomo moved to the UK from Italy two years ago and hasn’t looked back. An avid skier, Giacomo misses the mountains of Italy but loves the buzz of London. He’s also getting used to British pasta - apparently it’s not as bad as his Italian friends think.

Describe yourself in a few words: Optimistic, travel addict, wind-up merchant, dreamer

What was it about Trussle that made you want to get involved? I wanted a new challenge - having been stuck working in the same direction, I was craving a change. I wanted to learn about more than just finance (I come from a marketing background), so the Trussle environment was perfect as there’s lots of collaboration. I was also tired of wearing (and ironing) shirts every day, so the jeans and t-shirt culture here is a welcome change.

What are you most looking forward to about working at Trussle? It’s good to feel like you’re a part of something, which is very much the vibe I get here. Ideas are listened to and we all have an opportunity to help shape the business. From a customer satisfaction point of view too, I’m excited to help people get a mortgage whilst making their journey as smooth as possible.

If you weren’t a Case Manager, what would you be? I’m a trained lifeguard, so in an alternative world I’d have my own establishment complete with a pool and do all the lifeguarding.

What’s your signature dish? Lasagne. I’m Italian, so this is a classic…

Where’s your favourite place to visit? Andalusia in Spain


Role at Trussle: Case Manager

London born and bred, Stephanie was working in the corporate world of mortgage broking before joining Trussle. With a degree in Journalism and Marketing, Stephanie is a creative at heart and is excited to see how her creativity can be put to use at Trussle.

Describe yourself in a few words: Sun-seeker, foodie, film fanatic, everything music-related and a huge advocate of to-do lists!

What attracted you to join Trussle? I was working for a mortgage broker in London but wanted to work somewhere more creative and innovative. I liked the idea of working for a company that’s growing quickly and making real change in the industry, so Trussle was the perfect fit.

If you weren’t a Case Manager, what would you be? Definitely a Travel Writer. That or a Food Critic.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London? Because I’m from London, I feel like I take everything on my doorstep a bit for granted. I’m making an effort this year to do more London-ey stuff, so I’ve got into the habit of going to museums at the weekend.

TV show you could watch all day? Broadchurch

Where’s the best place you’ve visited? Mexico. I loved seeing the Mayan ruins.

What’s the best thing about being a Case Manager? Buying a house is a big deal for most people and it’s exciting to see it come together. It’s nice to be involved in that process as someone who can actually make a difference to their experience.

Inspired by Giacomo and Stephanie’s story? We’re hiring! Take a look at our vacancies - we’d love to hear from you.

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