Meet The Team: Prakash

Prakash joined Trussle after spending two years working for a traditional mortgage broker in the heart of London. Wanting a change from the world of traditional mortgage broking, Prakash saw the light and joined Trussle to help change the mortgage industry for the better.


Role at Trussle: Mortgage Adviser

Describe yourself in a few words:

Honest, friendly, efficient, thoughtful, adventurous

Two days in, what do you think you’ll enjoy the most about working at Trussle?

I think I’ll enjoy the uniqueness of working here. It seems like every day is different as we’re constantly building on our success, which I love - it keeps work interesting. The work is fast paced and things move really quickly so I’m excited to get stuck in. Trussle is growing rapidly too and I’m looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with working for a growing company.

What brought you to Trussle?

I was working for a traditional mortgage broker for the past two years and fancied a change. I enjoyed it but the work was very monotonous - there wasn’t much variety day to day. The structure was very rigid and I was feeling ready to move, so it was like fate when I heard about Trussle. I knew I’d be kept busy and was excited by Trussle’s proposition, so decided to get on board.

How do you spend your spare time?

Going on holiday… Or at least trying to. I’ve done a fair bit of travelling recently and I love seeing different cultures and getting away from it all. I’m a big sports fan too; I never get bored of watching cricket or football.

Favourite sport?

Football, without a doubt. I play five a side friendly’s at the weekend, plus I’m a huge Liverpool fan.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Probably keeping up with the pace of things! Everything moves so quickly but I’d rather it that way - it’s a good challenge.

Favourite food?

Pizza. I know that’s boring, but it’s so good…

Where’s your next holiday?

I’m off to Marrakech for a stag in August, there’s 13 of us in a villa… So we’ll see how that turns out!

Out of everywhere you’ve travelled, where’s your favourite?

I loved Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

What’s the best thing about working in London?

I’m from Kingsbury in London but have only worked centrally for the last two years. The social side of it was great - I didn’t love the commute but I liked the atmosphere, especially on Fridays. The one upside of being jammed onto a crowded tube was not having to drive home, so it’s easy for everyone to go for a drink. Before then, I was working in Watford. Driving to work in the comfort of my car was a dream but the social aspect was nowhere near as good.

How would you describe working for Trussle?

Exciting, challenging, and fun. It’s a young team - everyone seems driven but up for a good time on the way.

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