Meet The Team: Turon


Turon joins Trussle as our newest mortgage adviser after almost 15 years in the mortgage and property industry. There’s nothing Turon loves more than escaping to Thailand when he can, and spending his weekends throwing shapes on the dancefloor when he can’t.

Role at Trussle: Mortgage Adviser

How do you think your friends would describe you?

Charming, chatty, well-dressed, sophisticated, funny

What made you want to join Trussle?

I was ready for a change and started looking to do something a bit different. The work in my previous role was quite one dimensional - all our customers came through estate agent recommendations, so there wasn’t much variety in terms of helping people in sometimes tricky situations. At Trussle, we work with lots of different lenders and clients, all with different requirements, helping people in a number of circumstances. The actual process of applying for a mortgage is much smoother at Trussle too.

I’d heard about Trussle on the grapevine but it wasn’t until I did my own research that I realised how big a change it could make to people’s lives when applying for a mortgage. I didn’t understand why I was pushed to do more and more face to face appointments (even when it wasn’t really necessary) in my previous role - it just didn’t suit customers with busy lives who wanted a convenient service. Trussle is great as we can communicate with people online or by email, which suits us both - the flexibility means they can fit their mortgage application around their day, whilst we can help more people at one time.

How do you think the mortgage industry will change in the coming years?

I think we’ll start to see everything becoming more interactive, making the process easier for clients. We’ve seen other industries moving away from the old school system - from taxis to car and travel insurance, so it makes sense that the mortgage industry should follow suit, with Trussle leading the way.

You don’t see anyone going to the high street to sort out their car insurance - why would they when it can all be done online? It’s the same thing with mortgages - it’s so convenient for people to manage the whole process from their laptop or phone.

How do you spend your spare time?

Travelling, and going out a lot (every weekend - I need to cut down).

What are your biggest fears?

Considering I love travelling so much, it makes no sense that I’m terrified of flying. I just don’t understand how aeroplanes work - I have no idea how they stay in the air! Long haul flights are more bearable than short haul as I can just take a sleeping tablet and snooze through it, but flying anywhere in Europe without sleeping is a nightmare.

If you weren’t a mortgage adviser, what would you be doing?

I love football (I’m a huge West Ham fan), so I’d be a football coach. Coaching kids aged around 6 - 12 would be the best. They’re like a sponge at that age and pick things up really quickly, plus when they’re young they’ve still got a real passion for the game.

Favourite place to visit?

Thailand. I love to go every other year and visit another country at the same time. This year I’m heading to Thailand and Singapore; I went to Vietnam on my last trip over there. I just wish I could get there by boat…

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