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Dexter's Trussle Story

"Our very first customer Dexter recently remortgaged entirely online through Trussle after we alerted him it was time to switch - two years after getting a mortgage using our service and an industry first!"

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How To Download Or Print An Online Statement

"Printing an online statement is much faster than waiting to receive your statement by post - especially when you’re trying to get your mortgage application moving quickly. We’ve explained in a few simple steps how you can print your online statements ..."

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online statement

Meet The Team: Zoe

"Zoe’s been Trussle’s Head of Product since the early days and was the only Product Manager for a long time. Now the Product team has grown to a cosy three, Zoe’s been spending more time thinking strategically about our overall business goals."

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Trussle Stories: The Account Manager

"We caught up with Milton, a buy-to-let landlord with a property in Sheffield, who used Trussle to make remortgaging a hassle-free experience."

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Meet The Team: Matthew

"Meet Matt: our first Vice President of Engineering, joining the team to propel us towards our goal of providing instant mortgage approvals and lifetime mortgage monitoring."

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Meet The Team: Richard

"Richard joined Trussle to make the most of the opportunities that come with a small and fast-growing company."

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Meet The Team: Pippa

"Pippa looks after the internal running of the business, and it’s a big role - managing everything to do with finance, HR, legal, and compliance."

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Meet The Team: Roberta

"Roberta joins Trussle as a member of our Customer Success team after stepping foot in the office for her interview and knowing this was the place she wanted to be!"

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Trussle Stories: The Hairdresser

"In this story, we hear from Lauren, a young mum working part-time as a hairdresser who was looking for a mortgage to secure her first home."

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Meet The Team: Chiara

"Chiara joins Trussle as a Software Engineer after swapping the blue waters of Sardinia for the damp drizzle of London."

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