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Meet The Team: Joe M

"Joe joins Trussle as a Customer Success Associate, making the big move from Manchester to London to become part of the Trussle revolution."

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Understanding Mortgage Eligibility And Suitability

"Eligibility is determined by the mortgage lender, who will carry out checks to assess whether or not they can lend to you. Suitability is determined by the mortgage broker, who will recommend the most suitable mortgage deal for your personal and ..."

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Team Talk: Balancing Human And Machine

"How do you balance the power and speed of technology with the care and empathy of a human? Jonny talks about the kinds of decisions we have to make around this subject in Trussle’s Product Development Team."

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Meet The Team: Joe

"Having worked in a big company for the past two years, Joe joins Trussle as a software engineer keen to embrace the small company vibe."

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Meet The Team: Hoon

"Hoon joins Trussle after spending five years running his own startup, leaving behind the world of fashion for the arguably just as glamourous world of mortgages."

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How To Get A Mortgage In Scotland

"Getting a mortgage in Scotland is similar to the mortgage process in other parts of the UK. However, the Scottish property purchase process and the rules around selling and buying are slightly different."

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Meet The Team: Oli

"Oli joined Trussle in the early days, and has played a key role in transitioning Trussle’s public image from exciting startup to credible industry player."

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Conveyancing Process Explained: What It Is And How To Go About It

"Conveyancing is simply the legalities involved with buying or remortgaging your home, and refers to the legal transfer of ownership titles from one party to another."

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Meet The Team: Dan

"Dan joins Trussle as our first QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer, making sure everything we produce - in terms of our website and our product - is perfect."

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Team Talk: Naming Our Customer Success Team

"I’ve had the privilege of working with many different customer teams in a variety of industries throughout my career. While they've shared some common themes, the names of their departments have varied a lot!"

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