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Sainsbury’s exits the mortgage market: what it means for you

"Sainsbury’s Bank has announced it’s pulling out of the mortgage market, and will no longer accept new mortgage applications. It’s the second supermarket-linked bank to do so in the last couple of months, following on the heels of Tesco Bank."

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Negative equity? What it is and what to do

"Negative equity is when the value of your home is less than the size of your mortgage. This can happen if house prices drop, which is why so many people fell into negative equity as a result of the global financial crisis. "

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7 ways parents can help with a mortgage

"Given the huge difference between the rise of house prices and wages, mortgage lenders are offering more and more creative ways for parents to help their children buy their own home."

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Is using your mortgage for debt consolidation a good idea?

"You can use your mortgage to pay off expensive debts like credit cards if you’ve got enough equity in your home. But the downside is that you’re generally only able to pay it off slowly, so you could end up paying more interest in the long term."

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Buying with your parents? Why a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage might be the answer

"Getting a joint mortgage with your parents may seem like a great way to get on the housing ladder, but there are considerable downsides. We explore why a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage might be a better option."

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Remortgaging for home improvements? Avoid these costly mistakes

"Thinking about remortgaging for home improvements? In some cases it could make perfect sense. But in others, it could cost you a lot more than you imagine. We explore the pros and cons of remortgaging to improve your home."

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New job? See how it might affect getting a mortgage

"Got a new job and wondering about buying your own place or moving? Before you start making plans for the future, it's important to know that getting a new job can affect your mortgage."

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Rent or buy? How they compare

"If you’re thinking about getting on to the property ladder, you’re probably wondering whether buying is better for your finances than renting."

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What Tesco’s exit from mortgages means for you

"Tesco has announced it’s stopped offering new mortgages and is looking at selling its existing mortgage portfolio. Here's what it means for you."

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What Tesco’s Exit From Mortgages Means For You

How to find the best five-year fixed-rate mortgage for you

"Given the uncertainties around Brexit - particularly how it’ll affect the housing market - getting a five-year fixed-rate mortgage could seem a good idea. We reveal the smart way to find the right deal for you."

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