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Could you protect the planet while saving money on your mortgage?

"The Government has pledged £5 million to help the financial sector develop green mortgages."

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Why diversity is at the heart of our culture

"We often say at Trussle that the best thing about working here is our people. And it’s no accident that we like each other so much."

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Help the Mortgage Switch Guarantee gain support in Parliament

"After two years of campaigning for fairer mortgage transparency, our Mortgage Switch Guarantee proposals are a step closer to fruition! But we need your help..."

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How we get our heads around mental health

"We take mental health really seriously - except when we’re in hysterics hitting each other during a boxing class to reduce stress."

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5 free apps to help you get control of your finances

"If you’re not sure where your money goes, how to invest, or what your pensions are worth, here are five free apps to help you see the wood for the trees."

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How to survive if you’re one of 58% of young adults still living with your parents

"The majority of 18 to 34-year-olds still live at home with their parents. But is it really that bad? We find out."

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Is housing finally emerging from the shadow of Brexit?

"As we’ve tracked the impact of Brexit, we’ve seen house price growth slow and fall, and mortgage rates steadily increase. But are things set to change?"

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Trussle brings the Mortgage Switch Guarantee to parliament

"We’ve submitted evidence to a Parliamentary enquiry making the case for greater mortgage transparency. Read it here."

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Mortgage Saver Review - May 2019

"This year's annual Mortgage Saver Review looks at the challenges faced by one of the largest groups of people in the UK: the self-employed."

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Marching for fairer mortgages

"We announced in our manifesto that we’re fighting for fairer mortgages. And on Wednesday 17th April we marched for it too."

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