Rebranding Trussle: The home of home ownership


Today we open our doors and welcome you all to a new brand.

On the surface you’ll see a new logo, colour palette, and set of illustrations. But today holds a much deeper significance for us as a company. Today reflects a clarity of purpose, vision and values that will guide us towards becoming the home of home ownership. Principles which will continue to define and direct the decisions we make, people we hire, and products we create. What might look like a new visual identity is far more reflective of our growth as a company and group of individuals in pursuit of our mission.

Our brand starts with what we believe. And we believe that it’s time we put humans at the heart of homeownership. Buying a home isn’t a transaction, it’s not about finance. It’s about life, and finding a space to dream and build, feed friends and be families. Trussle exists to open doors for everyone whatever their situation, and we wanted to look and talk to our audiences in a way that is more truthful to who we are.

Our Head of Design, Hoon, worked closely with branding agency Ragged Edge on the whole design process. He explains the thinking behind the new brand…

Why did Trussle decide to rebrand?

Trussle exists to help everyone love their journey of owning a home, and we wanted our brand to reflect this purpose.

Six months ago, we welcomed our 10th employee of the month. To put that into context, we started the year with 14 people, and by December, we were over 60. We were well-funded, growing fast, and accelerating faster. Whilst the adrenaline was energising, our service, team, and culture were being stress-tested and things felt like they were creaking.

Our fast pace highlighted the need to align around one common vision and clearly defined set of values. It became increasingly apparent as we grew that our product felt more and more disconnected from our brand direction. Our founder Ishaan decided that it was time for a change.

Based on our research, it’s clear that people lack confidence and assurance in how they should manage their current circumstances around home ownership. Before Trussle, there was no singular place to go for full guidance - unless you’re looking for a transaction-only relationship with a lender or broker - in which case you’re forced to settle from a limited range of mortgage options. What Trussle provides is different - not only do we provide guidance on when you should get a mortgage (or remortgage) and why, we also get you the best deal from over 90 lenders, all online. Afterwards, we look after your mortgage and help you switch again to save you money or help achieve your lifestyle choices - like renovating your home.

We felt that because of this, we want to further represent our unique reason for being - the home of home ownership. We’re here to help everyone, wherever they are on the ladder.


How does the new look of the brand fit our personality?

The new brand’s visuals and tone of voice feel a lot more truthful to who we actually are. We provide a welcoming and reassuring destination to come to for total guidance on homeownership, empowered by technology and in-house experts.

The new brand identity also uses a new colour palette, and an updated user interface architecture - helping our users easily understand and navigate the site even better than before.

How did you come up with the logo?

We wanted to reinforce our personality of “open doors”. Top down, it’s an architectural view of a door opening that you’d usually see in a blueprint. The logo and typeface are modern, yet human - just like us. The Easter Egg in the logo is that the outline of the logo and the word ‘Trussle’ create the silhouette of a house.


What were the key themes to get across in the new brand?

Our personality is welcoming, free-thinking, and tenacious. We’re free-thinking in that we’re not just another financial company waiting for you to transact - we’re constantly thinking what’s best for your situation. We’re welcoming in that we’ll provide guidance and make the mortgage process a positive experience - whatever your situation. We’re tenacious in that we’ll find you a mortgage in the most painless way possible - and will challenge the industry if it means making our customers’ lives better.

We wanted to make sure all three of these traits came across in the branding throughout the process - to the extent that they were even on the wall in Ragged Edge’s office.

Which part of the design process did you enjoy the most?


The first was the initial meeting with Ragged Edge. When we first met them we spoke about who we are as a brand, what we do, and what we mean for customers. It’s a great experience that as we explain the above, we again realise what a big part of people’s daily lives we are helping to solve.

The second was the unveiling of the new brand identity to the world. A huge amount of time and effort went into the design process by a number of very talented individuals, so it’s an incredible feeling to put it out there. I hope you love it as much as we do.


How do you expect the community to react to the new brand?

There are over two million people in the UK overpaying on their mortgage, but that’s not the only problem - there are lots more who are unsure or unclear whether they’ll ever be able to own a home they’d love. It’s a shame that even with modern technology and expertise, people are still left out in the cold.

We hope our new brand and logo represent to customers that we’re here to help anytime, anywhere, and whatever situation you’re in - all online.

We like to think of ourselves not as a financial company but a lifestyle consumer brand. Rather than having a transaction-only relationship, we hope people remember Trussle as your personal, life-long relationship that will optimise your mortgage forever so you can achieve your life goals.

Personally, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone at Trussle, I’m incredibly happy with how its turned out: Ragged Edge, and the designers and engineers at Trussle really did a fantastic job. The new look is a much better reflection of our personality and it’s energising to see our brand mature, as we plan to optimise finances and help give assurance to anyone who currently owns or dreams of owning a home.

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