Trussle Stories: The Expatriate


At Trussle we put our customers first. We speak with them regularly to find out why they choose our online service to get a mortgage instead of their bank or a traditional high-street adviser.

It’s clear from speaking to our customers how unique they all are; from teachers, nurses, and church reverends, to store managers, company directors, and startup founders - it’s a real mix!

In this story, we hear from a South African auditor who was able to buy a dream home for his family despite a unique set of circumstances.

The dream home

Emile had lived in the UK for five years before deciding to buy his first family home. With a baby on the way, Emile and his wife had a limited timeframe to find a new home!

“We were fortunate that we fell in love with the first place we saw. It was a dream home for us.”

The only thing standing between Emile’s family and the beautiful character property was finding the right mortgage.

Emile contacted us to start his mortgage search having read a news article about how straightforward Trussle’s service was.

“What caught my attention was the promise of simplification. We were a foreign couple with a relatively small deposit looking for a mortgage while Brexit was happening. Our situation was complicated enough!”

The right deal

Despite Emile’s unique circumstances, we were able to quickly find and recommend a suitable deal from a lender requiring just a 5% deposit - the only one on the market.

However, as sometimes happens, the lender removed the product from their range just days after we’d recommended it.

“It was a slight setback, but Trussle were on the ball and quickly suggested a smart alternative approach.”

As luck would have it, Emile’s home purchase wasn’t due to complete for another six months. If he were able to save enough by then he could afford a 10% deposit, reducing the interest rate and widening his options.

Emile agreed to this new approach and we submitted his new application to the lender the same day.

“Having little understanding of the home buying process in the UK, I was initially concerned. Thanks to Trussle, I needn’t have worried. I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received.”

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