Trussle Stories: The Hairdresser

Buying your own home should be one of the most exciting times of your life. For too long, it’s been overshadowed by the inaccessible and complicated process of getting a mortgage. At Trussle, we’re working to change that, putting you at the centre of the mortgage process.

We love hearing your experiences about how Trussle was able to secure the right mortgage for you. We did just that for Lauren, a young mum working part-time as a hairdresser.


A move for independence

Lauren was living at home in Penicuik in Scotland with her parents, but as a single mum with a toddler, she was ready to move out to have more space.

Initially, Lauren’s plan was to rent rather than buy. However, her part-time job as a hairdresser made it difficult to find anywhere to rent. Frustrated with the lack of flexibility renting offered, Lauren’s parents decided to help her out with a deposit so she could afford to buy her own home.

Soon after they began looking for a property, Lauren found her ideal home just down the road from her parents. The house was on the market for a very good price and Lauren was keen to move quickly to make sure she didn’t miss out.

No time to wait

Lauren knew she’d need a mortgage to buy the home but as a first-time buyer, she didn’t know where to start. Her mum Marie got the wheels in motion and spoke to her financial adviser about finding Lauren a mortgage. He thought Lauren’s part-time job would make it hard to find a suitable lender, so Marie and Lauren approached another mortgage adviser but were told they couldn’t get an initial appointment for a week.

‘We didn’t want to wait that long as we were worried that the home would be sold to someone else in that time, so we decided to look elsewhere.’

Marie found Trussle online and after reading about how we could help, they were happy to move forward.

Getting a Mortgage in Principle

Before starting her mortgage application, Lauren received her personalised Mortgage in Principle from Trussle to give her an idea of the amount she’d likely be able to borrow. Lauren had already made an offer on the new home by this point, so seeing the amount she needed to borrow on paper was reassuring.

‘Getting the Mortgage in Principle before applying for the mortgage gave us the confidence to progress with our application.’

A record turnaround

Lauren and Marie started Lauren’s mortgage application by completing their Trussle Profile, and things moved very quickly from there.

‘Filling in the mortgage application without leaving the house was really convenient and made the whole process much easier. When you have a two year old, being flexible and doing things when it suits really matter.’

Lauren and Marie completed the Profile on a Thursday evening, and having received a recommendation from Lauren’s mortgage adviser Ahmed the next day, her mortgage offer was confirmed the following Wednesday.

‘We communicated by email and phone - whatever suited us best at the time. Ahmed always responded very quickly so we were always kept up to date.’

‘The whole process was very simple and smooth and we were so impressed with how quickly the mortgage was confirmed.’

With her mortgage application accepted, Lauren’s excited about moving into her new home. While renting would have cost her up to £700 a month, Lauren’s mortgage payments are around £200 a month, and she has a place to call her own.

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