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At Trussle, we regularly talk to our customers to find out why they choose our online service to get a mortgage instead of going down the traditional route of using their bank or a high-street broker.

It’s clear from speaking to our customers how unique they all are. There’s no average Trussle customer - from teachers, nurses, and church reverends, to store managers, company directors, and startup founders, it’s a real mix!

In this story, we hear from an American lawyer who overcame the tricky task of buying a home after having only been in the UK for two years.

A change of scene

Ryan and her husband moved from New York two years ago to settle in London. They’d been renting since then, but decided that, with an uncertain Brexit transition on the way, it was the right time to buy a home. How to go about finding a mortgage for their home was the tricky part…

“When you’re new to a country, you don’t know a lot of people you can trust to advise you on big decisions like buying a home. It’s a little scary!”

Worried about whether their circumstances would prevent them from finding a mortgage, the couple turned to Google. During their research they discovered Trussle from a news article.

“We both live quite busy lives, so the fact Trussle lets you manage the entire mortgage application online from your phone was really appealing.”

Fortunately they were able to complete their profile quickly - actually completing it in two sessions; one from their desktop computer and one from Ryan’s mobile. They received a phone call from a Trussle mortgage adviser shortly after to discuss their options.

Because they’d been living in the UK for a relatively short time and a credit score is built up over many years, their options were limited to a smaller number of lenders than otherwise would have been available. It made things a little more difficult than usual.

“We wanted to put down a 5% deposit. Our Trussle adviser suggested that we’d be unlikely to be accepted because of our circumstances, but that there was no harm in submitting an application to find out.”

An application was submitted to the one lender with a suitable product for their circumstances but it was rejected. This didn’t come as a surprise, and Ryan and her husband were advised to increase their deposit to 10% or miss out on buying their home at all.

A change of luck

Fortunately there were a number of lenders offering a variety of products at this deposit range, meaning their chances of being accepted were much higher.

Willing to increase their deposit, a new application was submitted to a new lender. To everyone’s delight, it was accepted!

“We were in momentary shock when we found out! Although we were told that we were likely to be accepted this time round, we were convinced we wouldn’t be.”

Now the mortgage has been secured, Ryan and her husband are set to move into their new home over the next couple of months.

“We didn’t have the simplest of applications, but Trussle were really responsive and kept us updated the whole way through. We couldn’t recommend them more.”

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