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Here at Trussle, we’re on a mission to change the mortgage industry for the better. We think it’s important to speak to our customers to find out why they decided to use our service rather than going down the traditional mortgage broker or bank route.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that there’s no such thing as the average Trussle customer. We help people working in a variety of professions, in every situation - both financially and personally - across the whole country.

In this story, we hear from Ella - a nurse who decided to take action and remortgage her home whilst on maternity leave. Ella and her partner had put off remortgaging - their busy lives had taken over, but once Ella was on maternity leave, she set about finding a better deal.

The right time to remortgage

Ella and her partner had lived in their home in Glossop for six and half years, and knew their initial term had come to an end. They didn’t look to remortgage straight away - life simply got in the way. It wasn’t until recently that they realised just how much they were overpaying.

‘We knew we were paying more than we should be, but it wasn’t something we thought much about. When I went on maternity leave, I decided to start looking into it, and only then did we realise how much we could save.’

Remortgaging on maternity leave

Ella knew she’d be returning to the same role as an NHS Manager once she came back from maternity leave after seven months, so she and her partner could apply to remortgage using Ella’s pre-maternity leave salary. This way, they were able to take advantage of the most competitive deals.

The couple had previously applied to remortgage directly with a lender, and they knew they needed to provide documents that proved Ella was going back to work on the same salary. Applying to remortgage on maternity leave was no problem at all as they already had these documents sorted.

It was Ella’s mum who recommended Trussle after reading about our service online. Ella came to us via comparison site uSwitch, and was keen to find out more about how we could help. With some extra time on her hands now she was on maternity leave from her time-demanding job in the NHS, Ella set about finding a cheaper mortgage.

Finding the right deal

Before coming to Trussle, Ella and her partner had spotted a competitive mortgage deal offered by a lender. They started the application process and had their face to face meeting with an adviser. Unfortunately, they were rejected for the mortgage - after they’d spent three hours at the meeting.

‘We had to make a special journey for our mortgage appointment and spent over three hours with the adviser. To then be rejected for the mortgage was a real blow.’

They decided to change tactics and use Trussle to make sure they didn’t waste any more precious time, especially now they had a baby to look after.

Once the couple had filled in their application online, things moved quickly. Trussle mortgage adviser Ryan was able to help Ella and her partner find the most suitable mortgage deal straight away.

A new kind of mortgage

Ryan recommended a mortgage through Digital Mortgages, provided by Atom Bank. This was the first Ella had heard of Atom Bank, but after doing some research and reading news of their recent success alongside positive reviews, she and her partner were happy to move forward. They had to apply for the mortgage through the Atom Bank app, and although Ella found it a little strange at first, she quickly found the process straightforward and stress-free.

‘One of the great things about having a mortgage through Digital Mortgages is being able to keep on top of it all from my phone. Whereas our previous lender used to send an annual statement, using the app we can login at any time and track how much we’re paying and how much we have left to pay. Having all our mortgage details to hand at any time is such a benefit - it’s so easy to keep up-to-date.’

Ella’s remortgaging process was smooth, and the whole process took just two months from start to finish. Best of all, Ella could sit back and relax whilst we took care of everything - Trussle reduced the time and effort they spent looking for a mortgage. The couple also shaved hundreds off their monthly repayments, so they were delighted with the outcome.

‘Compared to our previous application with a lender, everything with Trussle was taken care of and was so easy. We didn’t have to take time out of our days to drive specially to attend a long meeting - it was all done online. Trussle saved us so much time and effort.’

Ella also couldn’t get over how quick and simple using Trussle was, especially compared to her earlier experience with a lender.

‘I can’t believe how easy it was. I filled in the application and then an adviser called the next day. The ball started rolling very quickly - it seemed like it all happened overnight.’

‘I’m already recommending Trussle to my friends - everything about the service just makes sense’.

We love hearing about how we’ve helped our customers find a mortgage that’s right for them. You can read more about our customers’ experiences on Trustpilot.

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