Trussle Stories: The Reverend


At Trussle we put our customers first. We speak with them regularly to find out why they choose our online service to get a mortgage instead of their bank or a traditional high-street adviser.

It’s clear from speaking to our customers how unique they all are; from teachers, nurses, and freelance designers, to store managers, company directors, and startup founders — we’ve spoken to them all!

It’s a church reverend who begins our Trussle Stories series, shedding light on the many people who chose Trussle for a more straightforward mortgage experience.

Feeling like a number

Ant came to Trussle after having a bad experience trying to get a mortgage with his own bank.

“I approached my bank because I thought I’d have more chance of getting a good mortgage deal as an existing customer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.”

Ant spent two frustrating months trying to push his application along. He had to chase his bank for updates and provide various documents on many separate occasions.

“The whole process was incredibly inefficient. I expected better. My bank made me feel like a number.”

In the end, the bank refused to offer Ant the mortgage because of an unforeseen issue with the home. The two months had been wasted.

Back on track

We first spoke to Ant a few hours after he’d completed our quick online application form.

“In a world where complicated forms and broken promises seem to be the norm where anything to do with finance is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised by Trussle. It was very convenient.”

We sent Ant his mortgage recommendation after a quick call to confirm his situation. Ant agreed and provided his documents the same day so that we could submit his application to the lender.

“Using Trussle was a completely different experience to my bank. The service was quick, my options were presented clearly, and I felt like they genuinely cared about providing me with the best service they could.”

Ant’s application was submitted within 24 hours of first completing his Trussle profile, and his new lender approved the application within 10 days.

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