Trussle Stories: The Sales Manager

At Trussle we put our customers first. We speak with them regularly to find out why they choose our online service to get a mortgage instead of their bank or a traditional high-street adviser.

It’s clear from speaking to our customers how unique they all are; from teachers, nurses, and church reverends, to store managers, company directors, and startup founders — we’ve spoken to them all!

In this story, we hear from a sales manager who was able to save £7,200 over two years thanks to Trussle’s mortgage monitoring service.

Turning the tables


Fresh from celebrating the start of an exciting new job, Yanneth and her husband began the search for a new home. After viewing a number of properties, they finally found one they were happy to call home. They made an offer and were pleased to hear it was accepted!

“The home was beautiful and we were really happy. But when we went back to our bank, they said they wouldn’t be able to loan the amount they initially told us when we’d previously visited them in branch. It was incredibly disappointing.”

So they took their search online, trying a number of comparison sites. Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, Yanneth turned to her credit card issuer who also offered mortgage loans.

“I spent two hours on the phone to the lender. I even signed up to a credit scoring service to check my rating for them. But after all that, they said they couldn’t help me.”

Tired of having their expectations raised and then dropped at the last minute, Yanneth and her husband decided to try a new approach having read about Trussle in The Times.

“Because we’d already had an offer accepted, we had to move quickly. We created a Trussle profile in about ten minutes, and just two hours later we received our mortgage recommendation. We couldn’t believe it!”

Fortunately for Yanneth and her husband, Trussle has developed its own powerful automated technology to find the most suitable mortgage product five times quicker than traditional mortgage brokers. And because the service is available online 24/7, customers can receive a mortgage recommendation even at the weekends.

Yanneth was happy for us to submit her application to the lender and we received approval 12 days later. And then Brexit happened.

A great result

“After Brexit happened, lots of lenders lowered their rates. We were worried that we’d just missed out on these new deals. But Trussle was able to shave £200 off our monthly payment.”

While other brokers might have put their feet up after submitting Yanneth’s application, our mortgage monitoring system was busy working quietly in the background.

Even though we’d already submitted their application, they were still yet to exchange on the home. Thanks to our monitoring system, we were able to flag up new deals that came onto the market.

“When the Bank of England cut their interest rate, we thought ‘Well, we’ve already saved a good amount’, but Trussle came back with an even better deal.”

Once again, our mortgage monitoring system was able to flag that a more suitable deal was available. This time, we were able to save an additional £100, bringing the total savings to £7,200 over the initial two year fixed term.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly Trussle reacted when the markets changed. It really felt like they were looking out for us! We’re very happy with the experience.”


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