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Speaking to our customers regularly is just one of the ways we’re helping change the mortgage industry for the better. We like finding out why people choose Trussle over a traditional mortgage broker or bank, and interestingly, the reasons are always different.

We’ve established that there’s no such thing as the average Trussle customer - we help people in a range of situations, across a variety of professions.

In this story, we hear from Jeni - a teacher buying her first home in Glasgow. Jeni was a little apprehensive about getting a mortgage as she was buying on her own, but luckily, Trussle was there to help.

The right time to buy

Living with her parents in a small town on the outskirts of Glasgow, Jeni was keen to move out and into the city. Having recently secured a stable and permanent job as a Maths teacher in a secondary school, Jeni made up her mind that it was the right time to buy.

After a few months looking, Jeni found a flat in Glasgow’s West End that she loved. The flat was in an ideal location and in great condition, so Jeni could move in without doing any work. Once her offer was accepted, the next step was getting a mortgage.


A better experience

Before coming to Trussle, Jeni had had a bad experience with a traditional mortgage broker, which put her off going down the same route again. The communication had been so poor that Jeni wanted to deal with a broker whose communication she could rely on. It was Jeni’s dad who suggested Trussle - he’d been through the mortgage process and was impressed with the Trussle experience.

Understanding mortgages

Understanding how getting a mortgage worked was initially Jeni’s main concern.

“I may be a Maths teacher, but I was totally clueless when it came to mortgages. I was a bit nervous about getting a mortgage but I shouldn’t have been - the website was so easy to use and explained everything in terms I understood.”

Jeni’s mind was put at ease after looking through the Trussle website, and she felt confident enough to apply for a mortgage using our service.

A smooth application

Because Jeni had got a Mortgage in Principle with Trussle, all she had to do was update the property details in her Trussle Profile once she’d found her flat. Shortly after, Jeni received her recommendation from us and was happy to go ahead with her application.

The application process was straightforward. Completing her profile didn’t take long and Jeni was surprised at how quick and easy it was.

“I was worried about feeling stupid because I didn’t know much about getting a mortgage, but I never felt like that when talking to the team.”

Regular updates

After speaking to us on the phone once, most of Jeni’s subsequent communication with us took place over email. Jeni couldn’t take time out from teaching her maths classes to talk about her mortgage, so being able to sort everything over email was a real bonus.

“I can’t fault the service. I didn’t have to worry about anything - [Trussle adviser] Ryan and the team took care of it all for me. My knowledge of the process was limited, but it wasn’t a problem as Ryan was there to manage it all.”

The simple process of applying for a mortgage suited Jeni, who didn’t have any previous mortgage experience. She also liked the convenience of managing it all online. But what most impressed her the most was the way that she was updated at every point of the journey.

“The best thing about using Trussle was the communication. It was so easy for someone like me with no knowledge of the process to understand what was going on. Trussle made sure I was supported and kept informed throughout.”

A simple process

Now that her mortgage is secured, Jeni’s ready and waiting to move into her new flat.

“I was looking at home insurance recently and it took me two days to compare all the deals. I don’t know how I’d have found the time to do the same for mortgages, so Trussle was a lifesaver.”

“I’d recommend Trussle to anyone. My experience was so much better than with the traditional broker I turned to first - I was kept informed the whole way. As a first time buyer, with something as important as your mortgage, that’s all you want.”

Pleased we could help you, Jeni! Many other Trussle customers have left their own reviews here.

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