What to expect from Trussle in 2019

It’s fair to say that 2018 was a busy year for Trussle…

We refreshed our brand, launched our industry-first mortgage monitoring service, ran our first TV ads, announced a £14m investment, discussed making home ownership more accessible with the Housing Minister (and again when we were invited to Downing Street), doubled the team to 75 amazing people, helped three times as many customers as the year before, and continued to put our customers first to become the UK’s best-rated online mortgage broker.

So you might be wondering, what have we in store for 2019?

We asked some of the Trussle team to share what they were most excited about this year. And while exact plans may change or be improved as the year goes on, our focus will remain firmly on making home ownership more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Ishaan Malhi, Founder & CEO


Each year I’m humbled we’ve been able to help an ever growing number of people on their home ownership journey. But I’m equally as frustrated we haven’t been able to help more people, such is the immense scale of the challenges facing millions of current and aspiring home owners today.

If you’re unable to afford your first home, are unknowingly paying thousands over the odds for your mortgage, have been denied an opportunity due to outdated lender processes, or are simply confused by an overly complex and archaic mortgage system, we’re going to work tirelessly for you.

Of the many exciting initiatives you’ll hear about below, I’m personally most excited about our work helping the underserved and poorly served to achieve their dreams of owning a home. Their challenge reflects my own story, having previously been refused the opportunity to buy a home simply because of the difficulties that arise with being self-employed. Having discussed internally with the team and externally with decision makers in industry and government, I’m confident we’ll take meaningful steps towards our mission of making home ownership more affordable and accessible to everyone this year.

Zoe Feltham, Product


Securing the right mortgage should be quick and straightforward, so this year we’ll be investing even more time in bringing unprecedented levels of speed and certainty to the mortgage process. We’re also going to be adding new features to our mortgage monitoring service to make it even easier to make sure you’re on the right deal for you.

Something I’m really excited to be incorporating into our service is Open Banking. This new banking initiative can significantly improve the speed of delivering mortgage advice, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and security. This is one of a range of integrations we’re planning on making next year, taking us a step further towards our goal of allowing anyone to finance their home instantly.

Rob Fairfield, Platform


This year we plan to make home ownership more accessible to those who currently find it difficult to get on the housing ladder. For example, research shows that 43% of those self-employed left their passion for a full-time job elsewhere because it was easier to secure a mortgage. We think everyone deserves the chance to own their own home, so I’m excited to continue working with the industry to offer more choice to a greater number of people who are looking to get a mortgage.

Philip Kelvin, Customer Operations


12 new Mortgage Experts and six Customer Success team members joined Trussle last year, and I was really thrilled to see them do such a great job that we were able to become the highest rated online mortgage broker on Trustpilot. 2019 will see the team grow even faster to ensure our growing number of customers continue to have a five-star experience throughout their mortgage journey with us. That growth will also allow us to expand our service to help those using government schemes such as Help to Buy and Right to Buy. We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now and the team’s really excited about it.

Fabrice Renucci, Marketing


Our team’s goal for 2019 is to become the UK’s best known and most loved mortgage broker. This is underpinned by Trussle’s commitment to improve mortgage transparency and accessibility. To this end, I’m looking forward to producing more unique and helpful resources for both current and aspiring home owners - such as our annual Mortgage Saver Review.

Having joined this team only recently, I was impressed to learn that we received over 900 pieces of press coverage last year which I think really shows how important our mission is. This coverage has unquestionably raised awareness around mortgage switching and has of course informed more people about how Trussle can help them. We’ll be doing more of the same this year. Finally, I’m really excited to not only help more people get a mortgage, but to grow an active community to continue supporting them throughout their home ownership journey too.

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