Why diversity is at the heart of our culture


We often say at Trussle that the best thing about working here is our people. And it’s no accident that we like each other so much.

Strong relationships are crucial to our culture. And diversity is the thread that binds us.

What makes a Trussler

We’re a pretty distinct tribe at Trussle. For us, diversity is much broader than fundamentals like age and gender.

We actively seek out people who think in different ways, not only about business, but about life too. That probably explains why we’ve got bagpipers, card sharks, and chicken keepers amongst our ranks!

We’re also thrilled to have 29 different nationalities in our team of 120.  

“Diversity is one of the most important things for us,” said Yael Harel, Trussle’s Head of People. “We’re at our best when we open our hearts and minds and let diversity enrich the company’s culture. The best-performing teams are those which have this holistic view.”


Pickled herring and hyacinths

Having 29 different nationalities is cause for celebration, particularly on national days.

We celebrate with lights and food at Diwali, and yet more food for St Patrick’s Day.

Swedes love celebrating midsummer’s day and our Swedish Trusslers are no exception. Last month Charlotte Bergman, our Office and Community Manager, brought in flowers to wear in our hair (those of us who’ve still got some).

She danced like a frog and served us pickled herring and homemade meatballs for lunch. We then headed to the park for a round of kubb, a traditional Swedish throwing game also known as Viking chess.

To mark Iranain New Year in March, Mortgage Adviser Team Leader Sam Amidi brought in six of the seven traditional items beginning with the letter ‘s’ which are placed on the festive table known as Haft Seen.

They include a hyacinth to welcome guests with its sweet aroma, sweets to symbolise joy, and garlic to ward off evil. We’ll let Sam off for not carrying a goldfish to work to signify the world’s oceans.

“It was really nice that everyone embraced my culture,” he said. “They were all really interested in it and were messaging me for more information.

“I’d only been at Trussle six weeks and it made me feel a lot more engaged with people in the office. I’ve since been learning things about other cultures that I never knew about.”


Our culture helps us be our best

We’ve got a high-performance culture and feeling valued and accepted really helps us achieve our goals. 

“We want to make sure that everyone becomes the best version of themselves while they’re here,” said Yael.

“We do that by making sure they feel safe, supported, and accepted. Research has shown that this helps people dedicate their energy to being productive and efficient, not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

“The fact that people feel they’re being productive and successful makes them realise they can stretch for more and grow.

“Having such a diverse team - particularly all our different nationalities - is really important to our success. We're working to solve a big, challenging problem and need diversity of thought to find the best solutions."

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