Why buy in Manchester

Manchester is a popular city with a strong local economy. It’s got a growing population and is appealing to buyers for many reasons. 

Top reasons to buy in Manchester include:

  • great job opportunities 

  • a top 25 university

  • strong business sectors from FinTech to healthcare

  • vibrant art and culture, food, nightlife and leisure offerings

  • connected transport links

  • continual investment with £1billion worth of new investment schemes

It’s also still cheaper than areas in the south of England. Manchester offers a lower cost of living whilst still having plenty of leisure and work opportunities.

Manchester property

Before buying a property, it’s good to understand what the market is like in the area you’re looking into. 

In Manchester:

  • there were about 234,290 residential properties as of 31 March 2020 ¹

  • 57.2% of properties were in Council Tax band A which is for properties valued under £40,000 in 1991

  • 38.5% of properties were owned by those living in them according to the 2011 census

Manchester house prices

Manchester is the 33rd cheapest postcode out of 105 postcodes in England and Wales.²

The average house price in Manchester between January 2020 and January 2021 was around £187,000.³

The average house price for first time buyers in Manchester was £172,122. 

House prices in Manchester are up from last year but are still lower than in cities in the south of England.

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House prices in Manchester are expected to continue to rise post-pandemic. 

Many areas in Manchester are seeing government investment to improve the areas. It’s expected that the number of properties in the area will continue to grow.

In 2020 many experts expected house prices to drop due to Brexit due to uncertainty. 

Since coronavirus, many have changed their minds and now think they’ll continue to rise due to post lockdown demand. 

Despite Brexit and coronavirus, houses in Manchester are still in high demand by residential buyers and investors. 

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First time buyers in Manchester

Manchester is a popular area for first time buyers.

The average house price for first time buyers between February 2020 and January 2021 was £172,122.³

The average age for first time buyers in the UK is 33. But in Manchester it’s only 26. 

Manchester is popular for first time buyers because it costs less on average to buy a home there.

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In 2019 there were 357,000 first time buyers in the UK. 

The number of first time buyers in Manchester was up 7.6% in December 2021.³

The areas in Manchester with the lowest average house price for first time buyers are:

  • Oldham for £90,330 

  • Little Hulton for £94,472

  • Gorton for £101,599

  • Blackley for £105,058

  • Ardwick or Longsight for £109,754

These averages are for 2 to 3 bedroom homes from Zoopla data. These are the most common property types for first time buyers in Manchester.⁴

New builds in Manchester

9.1% of homes in Manchester were new builds between February 2020 and January 2021. 

Buying a new build is likely to cost you up to 15% more but tends to cost less to run later.⁵

In Manchester new builds cost 9.3% more. 

The average cost for a new build in Manchester between December 2019 and November 2020 was £213,757 compared to £181,196 for older homes.³

In the same time period, the average cost of a new build in the UK was £292,202. So a new build in Manchester will still cost you much less.

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Best areas to live in Manchester

There’s something for everyone in Manchester from students to families and young professionals.

If you like to immerse yourself in a bustling area then the city centre could be the choice for you. 

The area is in high demand and is a great place to live or invest in. 

Manchester City Centre is popular because it has great:

  • food 

  • nightlife

  • shops for retail lovers

  • transport links

  • business and job opportunities

Oldham in Manchester is the most affordable and popular area in Britain for first time buyers.

It’s also a good area if you have or plan to have children as it has: 

  • grammar and religious schools that are rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted 

  • green spaces including Alexandra Park

  • local sports teams

  • a close knit community

  • annual fairs and festivals including Whit Walks

Salford is a popular choice for students, investors, and young professionals.

It’s one of the cheapest areas for homes in Greater Manchester. 

Salford is a good area to live in as it has:

  • great transport links and is just a 15 minute commute to the city centre

  • been awarded as one of the UK’s greenest cities

  • waterfront, urban and rural living

  • large tech companies for professionals 

  • lower prices than recently developed areas nearby

  • rich diversity and culture

  • great leisure and entertainment spaces from theatres and galleries, to sports venues and open spaces

Salford Quays has been redeveloped, making it a hub of business, culture, and residential homes. 

Spinningfields is one of the main commercial areas in the city of Manchester. 

Houses in the area cost a lot more than other parts of the city. It's an area of the city that's popular with celebrities. 

It’s a short distance to the centre of Manchester so it’s still an easy area to commute from. 

It’s popular for its:

  • vibrant atmosphere

  • bars and restaurants

  • great transport links

  • entertainment and leisure

If you’re looking for a more family friendly area then Stockport might be for you. 

It’s popular for commuters travelling into the city for work. It’s also a nice residential area for a good home life balance.

Stockport is also an area being improved. This means the number of jobs, homes and places to stay will keep growing.

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