The Platinum Effect on house prices

New research shows that you'll pay an average premium of £141,000 to buy a house near a royal residence. House prices can be as high as £3.1m if you want to live near the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in London - or as low as £200k if you're happy to live in Gloucestershire with the Prince of Wales.

According to research we carried out in May 2022, in preparation for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, there is a major price premium to buy a house in the same postcode as a Royal Family residence.

The average price of a property within a royal postcode is £418,665. That's a premium of £141,665 over the UK's average house price of £277,000.

The house price premium for living near the Royal Family in London soars to £569,375.

But if you're happy to live near one of the Royal Family's rural estates, such as Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, the average house price is actually just £202,559, or £74,000 below the national average.

Just for a bit of fun, we also calculated how much a mortgage on Buckingham Palace would cost you a month. Spanning 830,000 square feet, in a prime central London postcode, and sporting a cool 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms, we estimate Buckingham Palace would cost around £2.1 billion if it were sold on the open market.

If you had a 20% deposit of £430 million (that's a lot of avocado on toast!), the monthly repayments on a 25-year mortgage would be £6,883,493.

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