Our mission

We're making mortgages faster, simpler and more affordable

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Making mortgages easier

At Trussle, we understand that home buying can be complicated and stressful. And, for many of us, our mortgage is our biggest monthly cost.

That’s why you need a mortgage broker to make it easier every step of the way, starting by finding a deal that is right for your unique circumstances.

With our 24/7 online support and dedicated mortgage experts, we are here to help and guide you.

How we’re changing things

Home ownership is a huge part of our economy. Housing overall is worth over £7 trillion, with mortgages accounting for almost £3 trillion of that.*

At Trussle, we believe that the homebuying process should be fast, transparent, and low-cost for everyone. As the UK’s first online mortgage broker, our digital expertise has allowed us to create a stress-free experience from start to finish.

We have the technology to scan through over 12,000 deals from 90 major lenders to find a great mortgage for you. As well as that, our expert team of advisers will be there to help and guide you along the way.

*Housing and mortgage market figures from Savills UK

Mortgages should be


Sign up with us online, get expert advice within hours and access your account any time of day


Apply and manage your mortgage application from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Our customers save £240 on average every month, and for most customers, our service is free for most customers*

Our timeline

A team of expert software engineers stay up until 3 am to usher Trussle into the world.

We make our very first mortgage submission.

We win PropTech Startup of The Year at the Elevator Pitch LIVE Awards for making mortgage complexity a thing of the past.

Just over a year after our first submission, we celebrated reaching our first £100 million of loans.

We reach a huge milestone of £1 billion of loans submitted.

We're the number one online mortgage broker on Trustpilot and now have 2,000 five-star reviews.

We're directly authorised as a mortgage broker by the Financial Conduct Authority, after 5 successful years as an appointed representative of the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

US home ownership startup Better announces that it will acquire Trussle, ahead of an Initial Public Offering later in 2021 with an expected valuation of almost $8 billion.

Trussle announces its intention to scale up and become the largest mortgage broker in the UK in 2022.

Who we work with

We have access to over 12,000 mortgage deals from 90 lenders.

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Important info & marketing claims

*The savings figure is based on the average monthly Trussle customer savings in August 2022. Read more on our marketing claims page.

Our initial consultation service is free. If you decide to proceed with a mortgage application, you may have to pay a fee depending on your circumstances and credit history. Learn more here.

You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage. Your savings will depend on personal circumstances.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.