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Meet The Team: Ashleigh & Lydia

16th March 2017

"We’ve been growing quickly here at Trussle, and this week we welcomed two new faces to the team."

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Celebrating 100 reviews! Here are our 7 favourites...

3rd March 2017

"One of the perks of building and launching a new service to the public is receiving feedback from our brilliant customers. It’s always a thrill to read a new review!"

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Trussle Stories: The Expatriate

13th February 2017

"In this story we hear from Emile, a South African expat who was able to buy a dream home for his family despite a unique set of circumstances."

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Trussle Stories: The Sales Manager

11th October 2016

"In this story, we hear from a sales manager who was able to save £7,200 over two years thanks to Trussle’s mortgage monitoring service."

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Trussle Stories: The Freelancer

14th July 2016

"In this story, we hear from James, a freelance designer who almost didn’t use our service at all…"

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Trussle Stories: The Reverend

4th July 2016

"It’s a church reverend who begins our Trussle Stories series, shedding light on the many people who chose Trussle for a more straightforward mortgage experience."

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Our 5 Top Moneysaving Tips from 2016's Fintech Bible

22nd June 2016

"For a country that spends so much time talking about money, we don’t always put the same amount of effort into managing it..."

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Announcing Trussle's Long Term Partnership With Zoopla

17th February 2016

"We’re thrilled to announce that property-search giant Zoopla has invested in Trussle, and has agreed an exclusive partnership with us to help make finding and buying a home easier than ever."

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Dear Dexter

6th February 2016

"It’s a great feeling when our customers tell us that we did a good job. But sometimes they tell us where we could do better, and that’s really where we focus most of our attention."

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