Meet The Team: Annise

Annise joins Trussle as a Product Manager, working with our engineers to decide on and build the tools that make our service the best it can be. It’s her job to find out what our customers want from Trussle, so we can work out the most important things we should be focusing on given the time and resources we have available.


What attracted you to join Trussle?

I found Trussle at the Silicon Milkroundabout job fair when I was looking to see what opportunities were out there. At the time, I was working in advertising tech but had no passion for it. When I saw Trussle and learned what the company did, I realised many of my friends and I would use the service Trussle created to get a mortgage, and I thought it could really help people. It was because of that really that I knew I wanted to get on board.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Product management is all about sitting in between the business, the customer, and engineers. It’s my job to find out what our customers want. When I have that information, I’ll work out which of those things seem sensible when I consider what the business wants to do, then I’ll work out what our engineers can make happen in the time we’ve got. As a Product Manager, I have to communicate to make sure everyone else in the business knows what we’re doing.

How did you get into the role you’re in?

I moved to London when I was 18 to study Maths at UCL, which I loved - it’s all about problem solving. Working in Product is great as you’re fixing issues. Then when I worked in Operations in advertising technology the product team built a whole new set of features for my team. The product team hadn’t discussed any of what they were planning with us - the people they were building it for - and then they wanted us to train other people to use the things they’d built. I spoke to someone senior in the Product team and he admitted that they should have talked to us about it. He then asked whether I wanted to work out the problem that had been created - I did, I enjoyed it, and it went from there!

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love it when something you’ve been working on changes how someone works, or how the customer interacts. It’s really satisfying to see the impact of what you’ve made.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

There’s a lot to balance and a lot of people to work with and keep happy! I spend a lot of time talking to people who all have different opinions which can feel like a bit of a balancing act.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m a big reader - my favourite book is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Then I do semi-classical Bollywood dancing. I’ve always loved Bollywood and I’m not very active so I thought it’d be a good way to get some exercise in.

One thing you couldn’t live without?

I know it’s bad but I don’t think I could live without my phone - it’s just so practical! The other day I forgot my wallet and realized I didn’t need it if I had my phone. I keep saying I’ll go on a break from technology but I can’t bring myself to actually do it…

Favourite product?

I love the Amazon Kindle. I like real books and I find reading a great way to relax, but having a small piece of tech that gives me access to so many books is amazing. Also it’s very good at persuading me to buy the next book in a series immediately…

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