Meet The Team: Hoon

Job title: Head of Design

Hoon joins Trussle after spending five years running his own startup, leaving behind the world of fashion for the arguably just as glamourous world of mortgages. He’s got a bold vision for design at Trussle - watch this space!


What were you doing before you joined Trussle?

I co-founded a company called Shopcade, a mobile fashion platform in the content-to-commerce space. It shows users designers’ latest collections, and gives them the option to purchase directly from the app. After building and running it for five years in London, Shopcade was recently acquired by a French media company. It was my first startup and the journey was immense, but the outcome was great. I was keen to move into a totally different space of fintech and enjoy the learning curve, so I’m excited to get started on my next project at Trussle.

What attracted you to Trussle?

I’ve been through the mortgage journey three times, and although each time it got a little better as I understood a bit more, it was never a short or simple process. I was looking for a service like Trussle when I made my second purchase - having to speak to an adviser during work hours when you run your own business isn’t convenient. I wanted getting a mortgage to fit around my schedule, not the other way round, and Trussle is filling that much-needed space.

What will your role entail?

My background is in design - I went to a design school in California and worked for brands like Playstation and Levis, then I started Shopcade and had to make lots of decisions around design strategy. I want to make Trussle an incredibly modern and convenient experience, where customers are no longer afraid of the already competitive journey of buying a home.

What’s your favourite piece of design?

Recently I’ve been looking more into product design, not just graphics. I like what Nest Thermostats are doing - a simple piece of well designed hardware and software that enables you to control the temperature of your home remotely, and it’s great that it learns my behaviour. I’m not really into trying to digitise my entire house, but Nest is something I’ve grown to appreciate.

Favourite designer?

My favourite designers right now are fashion designers as the industry evolves towards a more functional aesthetic direction. Kang Hyuk is a young Korean designer educated in London, and his latest collection made with recycled airbags is an amazing use of found materials. Hyuk along with Samuel Ross’s A-COLD-WALL* are, to me, the fashion brands of the future, if not now. They’re creating a legacy.

Did you always want to be a designer?

I never thought of being a designer when I was younger. Instead, I wanted to be an artist or an architect, partially because I didn’t really know what “design” was. When I had access to real design I realised it was a way of thinking and loved it. I always knew I wanted to create - initially I wanted to go into film or music but then I realised design was the most fundamental and accessible skillset to realise my thoughts.

Where’s the best place you’ve lived?

I grew up in Seoul and so I speak Korean, but then I moved to California before settling in London nine years ago. I lived in Malibu for a while and loved the outdoor lifestyle, but even without access to that in London it’s still my favourite place to be. I feel constantly challenged by the forward-thinking youth of the city.

What brought you to London?

I came here to work for a digital agency working for a variety of clients, and it was the combination of the job I wanted to do and the place I wanted to be in. London’s home to me now after living in California for 17 years and Hong Kong for two years. Both were great places to be - but all the music, fashion, and film I was interested in at the time was coming from London so I felt I should be here. I’m pretty self-motivated so I decided to move and go with it.

Favourite music?

My favourite artist is Prince, along with my friends Rejjie Snow and Millic.

Anything we’d be surprised to know about you?

I once slept through an earthquake in Japan. All my friends felt it, but I woke up in the morning having not felt a thing. I’m such a deep sleeper!

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