Meet The Team: Roberta

Roberta joins Trussle as a member of our Customer Success team after stepping foot in the office for her interview and knowing this was the place she wanted to be!


What attracted you to join Trussle?

I liked the idea of working with technology and was fascinated by how everything at Trussle works. Before joining Trussle I read a lot of customer reviews and they all said how great the service is, and as that’s my field, I wanted to get involved.

When I came in for my interview, I knew I really wanted to work here. The office had such a great vibe - there were people sitting working on sofas and it seemed relaxed and friendly. I’ve always had to be suited and booted for work so it’s a treat to be able to wear what I like!

What were you doing before joining Trussle?

I was working in mortgage admin at a mortgage broker near Richmond.

Best part of your job?

Speaking to customers on LiveChat - I like knowing that I’m helping people. You get to talk to so many different people in the role and as getting a mortgage is such a big thing to many people, they’re often really excited. It’s lovely to be a part of that.

What do you think the hardest part of your job will be?

Getting to know the ropes!

How did you get into the mortgage field?

I started an apprenticeship when I was 18 at a mortgage broker in Richmond. I was looking through the apprenticeships available and came across it - I hadn’t really thought of getting into mortgages but I’m glad I did. I was there for a year and a half then felt it was time for a change. As it was a small family-run business there wasn’t much room for growth and I wanted a new challenge.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love all things fashion. I follow loads of fashion accounts on Instagram and fashion blogs, like Gucci and Armani. I’m also really into the gym. I work out five days a week - I’m addicted! For me, the best part of my year is going on holiday and it’s something I look forward to which makes staying motivated easy. Healthy eating is all part of it too - I’m really fussy about what I eat and I never have anything like Coke or sweets. I’m into cooking too and read lots of health blogs to get ideas about what to make.

Favourite Instagram account?

Any of the Victoria’s Secret girls.

Who’s your fashion idol?

Coco Chanel.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

I love going to the Amalfi coast in Italy. It’s like my holy place! I’ve got some family there and I try to go every year. I’m 21 soon and I’m desperate to go to Thailand so I’m thinking I’ll get it booked on my birthday and have it to look forward to.

Favourite book or film?


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