Our 5 Top Moneysaving Tips from 2016's Fintech Bible

Did you know that just 29% of UK adults are currently saving for a pension while 40% are putting money aside for a holiday? How about that 69% of homeowners are overpaying on their mortgage?

For a country that spends so much time talking about money, we don’t always put the same amount of effort into managing it.

Enter, The FinTech Bible.


This week marks the publication of MoneyFarm’s new ebook featuring a collection of money-saving tips from some of the UK’s leading experts in finance.

Our founder Ishaan was asked along with 24 other founders, CEOs and FinTech experts to share his thoughts on how people can best take control of their financial future.

Here are our top picks…

1. Change your saving habits

“Get into the habit of putting money aside each month, however much that sum is. Once you’ve set up a saving habit you may even forget you’re doing it and surprise yourself with what you’ve achieved.”

Giovanni Dapra & Paolo Galvani, co-founders at MoneyFarm

2. Shop around

“Technology has changed the financial landscape forever, so it’s easy to shop around for the best deal. Consumers have the power. Use it.”

Lee Birkett, founder & CEO at JustUs

3. Keep on top of your credit score

“Many people underestimate how much a poor credit score can cost them over a lifetime. In fact, a poor credit score can mean you’re charged higher interest rates, given a lower credit limit or simply rejected altogether. People should be actively monitoring and managing their score to ensure they get the best deals and keep interest repayments as low as possible.”

Justin Basini, founder & CEO at ClearScore

4. Stay on top of your mortgage

“Each year homeowners overpay an average of £2,844 on their mortgage by not switching once their introductory rate expires. It’s important to keep an eye on when your introductory period ends so you can shop around for a better rate.”

Ishaan Malhi, founder & CEO at Trussle

5. Watch out for fees

“On average, UK pension providers charge a fee of around 1%. Over the course of a working life these fees can amount to a considerable amount of money, and many are completely unaware that they even exist. With this mind take a close look at your pension, and shop around for better deals.”

Romi Savova, founder & CEO at PensionBee

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