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Meet The Team: Jonny A

"Meet Jonny - a software engineer who can often be found coding by day, and on the radio at other times..."

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Trussle Stories: The Teacher

"In this story, we hear from Jeni, a first time buyer who was nervous about getting a mortgage. Luckily, Trussle was there to help."

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Meet The Team: Ushma

"We were excited to welcome Ushma to Trussle last week, where she’s already making a great impact on the mortgage team."

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Meet The Team: Teri

"Meet our new Head of Customer Success, Teri, who joined the team last week to help make our customer experience the best it can be..."

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Trussle Stories: The Lawyer

"In this story, we hear from an American lawyer who overcame the tricky task of buying a home after having only been in the UK for two years."

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Meet The Team: Giacomo & Stephanie

"Say hello to Giacomo and Stephanie, the two newest members of the Trussle team. We caught up with them to find out more..."

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Meet The Team: Ashleigh & Lydia

"We’ve been growing quickly here at Trussle, and this week we welcomed two new faces to the team."

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Celebrating 100 reviews! Here are our 7 favourites...

"One of the perks of building and launching a new service to the public is receiving feedback from our brilliant customers. It’s always a thrill to read a new review!"

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Trussle Stories: The Expatriate

"In this story we hear from Emile, a South African expat who was able to buy a dream home for his family despite a unique set of circumstances."

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Trussle Stories: The Sales Manager

"In this story, we hear from a sales manager who was able to save £7,200 over two years thanks to Trussle’s mortgage monitoring service."

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