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Buying your own home should be one of the most exciting times of your life. For too long, it’s been overshadowed by the inaccessible and complicated process of getting a mortgage. At Trussle, we’re working to change that, putting you at the centre of the mortgage process.

We love hearing your experiences about how Trussle was able to secure the right mortgage for you. In this story, we hear from Nyasha, a Liaison Psychiatry Specialist nurse working in London, who came to Trussle wanting to fulfil her lifelong dream of living by the sea.


A better commute

Based in south east London, Nyasha was commuting over an hour and a half a day to work in a hospital in west London. Tired of the long journey and lack of green space, she decided to make the move she’d always thought about and set about buying a home by the sea.

Finding Trussle through an app

Nyasha came across Trussle as a Revolut user - a new challenger bank that lets users manage their finances from their smartphone, and most importantly, removes all currency exchange fees when spending or transferring money abroad.

‘My parents live abroad so I travel a lot. Revolut is handy for me as it saves me having to carry cash around and I’m not charged any fees. Seeing Trussle in the app was intriguing so I thought I’d check it out!’

As Nyasha hadn’t heard of Trussle at this point, she did some of her own research.

‘I followed the link in my Revolut app and got started that way. I looked Trussle up on Twitter and saw lots of people raving about the service so I thought I’d give it a go!’

My initial application was so easy and completing my profile was really quick. I found it very easy to navigate.’

‘I didn’t have any reservations about using Trussle. It was great being able to fill in all my information online rather than spending time on the phone or meeting a broker in person.’

A change of plan

Nyasha found a home in Hastings, a stone’s throw from the beach - and fell in love with it. The initial plan was to buy the flat to rent out, but things didn’t quite work out and she had a change of heart.

Nyasha decided to bite the bullet and buy the flat to live in full time.


‘I’ve lived in London my whole life, but always wanted to live by the sea. I had a difficult year and thought, ‘Why not?’ Moving to the coast has always been something I’ve wanted to do, and there’s no time like the present.’

Once her mind was made up, we got to work finding the most suitable mortgage for Nyasha.

Doing things differently

This was the second time Nyasha had been through the mortgage process, and after a long-winded experience with a high street bank, she was hoping this time would be different.

‘Getting my first mortgage involved a lot of time and paperwork, and it was a very different experience to using Trussle. It was so much easier this time around - everything was submitted online, and I didn’t have to take time out of my working day to do anything.’

A smooth mortgage journey

Finding a mortgage during the summer holidays can sometimes mean a slower turnaround.

As Nyasha was applying for a mortgage during holiday season, a couple of Trussle advisers looked after her mortgage search rather than the usual case of each customer being assigned one adviser.

However, Nyasha didn’t feel this was a problem at all. Nyasha’s advisers were very aware of what was happening, and because all her information was saved online, there was no need to slow down the process.

‘Sometimes in other similar situations you get assigned a number of different people managing your case, and each time you feel like you’re getting passed around have to start from scratch. It wasn’t like that with Trussle - there was no disruption at all. Both advisers I spoke to had complete knowledge of my case so I didn’t have to do any explaining.’

‘The majority of communication was over email, which was really handy! I had one or two phone calls throughout the process to clarify the status of my application, but we spoke mostly online. I’m a nurse and work unsocial hours, so I’m often unavailable during the day. Being able to speak over email was convenient and worked perfectly.’

Clearing up a grey area

Nyasha was impressed with the service she received from everyone at Trussle.

‘The team at Trussle were all friendly and enthusiastic - just brilliant! Everyone I came into contact with was really knowledgeable.’

‘Mortgages are such a grey area for many people, so it was nice to talk to someone who not only knows what they’re talking about, but who makes it so simple to understand and navigate.’

Life in the slow(er) lane

Despite traveling more than double the distance, Nyasha’s commute from Hastings takes less time than her old commute from south east London! And she has a wonderful new flat to call home.

We love hearing about how we’ve helped our customers find a mortgage that’s right for them. You can read more about our customers’ experiences on Trustpilot.

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