Trussle Stories: The Surveyor

We’re on a mission to change the mortgage industry for the better, and one of the ways we’re achieving this is by speaking to our customers regularly. It’s helpful for us to find out what makes people decide to use our service rather than going down the traditional mortgage broker or bank route.

We’ve learnt that there’s no such thing as the average Trussle customer. We help people working in a variety of professions, in every situation - both financially and personally - across the whole country.

In this story, we hear from John - a Construction Surveyor from Barrow upon Soar in Leicestershire. Wanting to upsize and move closer to the village centre, John turned to Trussle to secure a mortgage for his new family home.


Access to town

John and his wife wanted to move closer to the village centre so their two children could be more independent. As their old home was nearly two miles from the town centre along country lanes, the children couldn’t walk to school or meet their friends easily. Giving the children the freedom to walk to town quickly was important to John - even more so as the children got older.

They found the perfect new-build home right in the village centre. The next step was to find a mortgage.

Finding a mortgage to match the home

After getting in touch with another online mortgage broker but hearing nothing back, John searched online for other options. He found Trussle and got in touch straight away, but not before he’d done some research of his own.

‘I had a look online to see what people were saying about Trussle and it all looked good, which was really reassuring. There were loads of positive reviews for Trussle, and having seen the website and thinking how professional yet easy to understand it seemed, I was happy to give the service a go.’

After hearing back from us soon after, John started his mortgage application.

‘I felt comfortable using Trussle - once I’d spoken to Ryan, one of their advisers, I had no doubts about moving forward. Unlike meetings with banks, who’d always insisted on meeting face to face, I never felt like I was put on the spot with Trussle.’

A new kind of mortgage broker

Although they already owned a home with a mortgage, John and his family had lived in their home for over 15 years, so it’d been a while since they’d had to deal with a mortgage application.

John felt confident taking the process online, and was impressed with how easy it was compared to his previous mortgage application. His application with Trussle went smoothly, and there were no unexpected surprises or delays.

‘We found the home we wanted to buy and gave Trussle our details, then Trussle searched the deals and found a lender that suited us.’

‘Uploading my documents was so easy. We uploaded everything through the Trussle Timeline so there was no need to photocopy anything or print pages out.’

Communication is key

As is often the case with our customers, John found it helpful to be able to communicate regularly, and when it was convenient to him.

‘It all went as well as we were hoping. Ryan was there whenever we needed him, and being able to communicate by email and phone made life so much easier. Even if Ryan couldn’t answer my call immediately, he’d always call back in under half an hour.’

‘Being able to respond to emails in my own time was a big help, as it meant I could fit the mortgage stuff around my day.’

‘Using Trussle was fantastic. The communication was spot on, and everyone we dealt with has been great. Overall Trussle has made our remortgage experience completely trouble-free.

John’s mortgage is now finalised, and the family are excited to move into their new home

We love hearing about how we’ve helped our customers find a mortgage that’s right for them. You can read more about our customers’ experiences on Trustpilot.

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