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Woolwich Building Society was re-branded to Woolwich in 1997. In August 2000, it was taken over by Barclays. As such, today, preexisting Woolwich mortgages are supplied Barclays.

Owing to the legacy that the Woolwich name carried, Barclays kept the Woolwich brand alive for a further 15 years.

As of 2007, the Woolwich name continued to be used as part of Barclays mortgage arm. This came to an end in 2015 whereby it became absorbed by Barclays as a whole. Today, all of these mortgages are Barclays-branded.¹

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This information was last updated in August 2019

There is the possibility that a number of customers had Woolwich mortgage PPI. However, the deadline to make a claim was the 29th August 2019, so you may no longer be able to.²

In order to contact Woolwich about any issues you may have, you will need to get in touch with Barclays. This can be done through Barclays’ live chat feature on its website. If you prefer to see who you are talking to, Barclays also offers a video chat function. In order to solve any issues, customers can also visit their local branch.

For any mortgage issues, the Barclays mortgage contact telephone number is: 0800 022 4022

Customers who have Woolwich mortgage PPI issues can find all of the information they need here.

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